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eigensinnig wien

Bingen Extravagant Designer Balaclava in Black Mohair

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Color: Black
material: 53% Mohair, 41% Virgin Wool, 6% Polyamide

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    Soft, warming balaclava for men and women with unconventional details. Black hooded scarf with subtle check pattern made of high-quality mohair wool.


    Charismatic Visionary and Polymath, Poet and Composer, Saint and Mystic. Hildegard of Bingen was one of the most significant women of the Middle Ages. Her holistic health teachings, revolving around herbs and medicinal plants, remain valid today - over 1000 years later.

    Extravagant Mohair Balaclava for Men and Women

    The distinctive Mohair Balaclava for men and women is a tribute to versatility and unconventional spirit. It combines the functionality of a balaclava with the style consciousness of the avant-garde. Handcrafted from a soft, warming blend of mohair and virgin wool, Bingen is ideal for cold times.

    The hood is equipped with a drawstring with ends made of antique brass. These allow for individual adjustment and protect against wind and weather. The integrated scarf ensures that the neck and nape area remain comfortably warm even in cooler temperatures.

    Unique accents are set by the jagged finishes on the front and back. These round off the design and give it a distinctive note. Wear it over a sweater, blouse, or shirt to add an extraordinary dimension to any outfit.

    Whether strolling through city streets or forest paths, the designer balaclava turns every outing into a stylish adventure.

    Cozy Knit Outfit

    For your relaxed stroll, wear a matching, cozy knit outfit. We recommend the black knit pants "Medea" and the distinctive knit sweater "Dave". Over it, you can wear the long knit coat "Rhea".

    Designer Balaclava Hat Made of Warm Mohair Wool

    Our patterned Mohair fabric comes from the renowned Italian company Faliero Sarti. It is known for its softness, warmth, and durability. It not only offers excellent wearing comfort but also an elegant, subtle shine.

    Do you want to buy the balaclava or generally clothing made of Mohair wool, but have open questions? Such as: 'What is Mohair?' Can you wash Mohair?'

    Further information about the special properties of this material can be found further down on this page. Let yourself be convinced by the quality and luxurious feel of this extraordinary fiber.

    We have created further products from the same material. Discover the extravagant Mohair coat for women "Heraklit" and the distinctive Mohair beanie "Ehrenfels".

    Black Hooded Scarf for Men and Women

    The versatility of the exclusive balaclava is particularly evident in its function as a hooded scarf. This design element allows the wearer to style the piece in various ways. Depending on the weather or personal preference.

    Whether as a complete balaclava for colder days or as an hooded scarf for a more functional look. You will see, the cozy snood adapts to your needs.

    The subtle check pattern, artfully integrated into the black mohair, adds an additional dimension of depth and style. The mohair scarf with a hood is an accessory suitable for both men and women. It creates a seamless transition between functionality and aesthetics.

    Do you want to buy the unconventional hooded scarf but are looking for further inspirations? Visit us in our showroom in Vienna and let our qualified team advise you.


    Brand: eigensinnig wien

    Color: Black

    Material: 53% Mohair / 41% Virgin Wool / 6% Polyamide

    Style: Designer Balaclava / Extravagant Hooded Scarf

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    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz
    eigensinnig wien | Bingen | Ausgefallene Designer Balaclava aus Mohair in Schwarz

    Combinations: Our recommendations for your style

    Exquisite Designer Fashion from Warm Mohair Wool at eigensinnig wien

    What is Mohair? Can you wash Mohair? We have provided everything you need to know about this natural material in the following lines:

    What is Mohair?

    Mohair is a luxurious, silky textile material made from the wool of the Angora goat. Not to be confused with Angora rabbits, whose fibers are used for Angora wool. The name comes from the Arabic term "mukhayyar", which means "selected wool". These fibers are known for their unique properties and have been valued for centuries.

    What Special Properties Does Mohair Wool Have?

    Mohair is characterized by several remarkable properties that make it a preferred material:

    Softness and Fineness

    This material is known for its gentle touch and fine texture. Therefore, Mohair wool does not scratch. Furthermore, Mohair wool is synonymous with pure luxury and ultimate comfort. These properties arise from a conscientious selection and specialized processing.

    Thus, they achieve a silky surface that is both delicate and robust.

    With advanced techniques, the natural suppleness of the fibers is emphasized. Which is reflected in a consistent grace of the end product. This texture remains over a long time and makes the material a valuable part of the upscale wardrobe.

    Thermal Insulation

    Mohair fibers are distinguished by a unique structure that allows them to trap air. Thus, they act as a natural insulator. This structure gives the garments made from it excellent warming properties. It achieves this without losing lightness.

    Both in cooler and warmer months, these fibers provide a balanced feel due to their breathability. They provide cozy warmth in winter as well as pleasant coolness in summer.

    Moisture Regulation

    Mohair wool has the ability to absorb and wick away moisture. This ensures high wearing comfort under various climatic conditions. This hygroscopic quality ensures that garments and fabrics do not feel damp when wet. They also allow the skin to breathe when dry.

    The fiber thus actively contributes to the regulation of body temperature. Moreover, it supports a balanced microclimate on the skin.

    Hypoallergenic Mohair Fabric

    This fiber is also prized for its hypoallergenic properties. Its smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dust and dust mites. This makes it an excellent choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

    The hypoallergenic nature of this material ensures that the textiles offer not only luxury and comfort. But also well-being and health.

    Durability and Longevity

    An outstanding quality of this fiber is its resistance to wear. It withstands intense use and frequent touches. Mohair defies time and maintains its integrity even after years.

    Therefore, it is ideal for high-quality products that should retain their beauty and functionality. Whether for everyday use or over long periods.

    Color Brilliance

    The unique composition of these fibers allows dyes to be absorbed deeply and evenly. This results in exceptional color intensity. This depth and brilliance of color give each piece a vivid and lasting aesthetic.

    Even after repeated washing and long wear, the colors remain bright and clear. Which enhances the radiance and value of each garment made from it.

    Resistance to Dirt and Odors

    A natural resistance to dirt and unpleasant odors further characterizes this fiber. It therefore requires fewer cleanings, which not only increases ease of care. This property contributes to the preservation of the fiber and the environment.

    How Do I Care for Mohair Wool?

    Mohair wool is a resilient and elastic fiber that is easy to care for over time:

    It does not need to be washed after each use. Its fibers have a natural protective layer that makes them resistant to dirt and dust. Simply air your Mohair garment in the fresh air.

    If a wash is really necessary, we recommend using the wool-silk program. Or hand wash program of your washing machine. At a maximum of 30°C and low spin speeds, you can't go wrong. We also recommend using high-quality, liquid detergent.

    To dry, simply lay the garment flat on a drying rack.

    Where Does Our Mohair Wool Come From?

    Our exclusive Mohair comes from the renowned Italian company Faliero Sarti. Known for their fine scarves and shawls, this traditional brand, like eigensinnig wien, places great emphasis on quality. Like us, they use high-quality, sustainable materials. From linen, silk, cotton, and wool to cashmere.

    Both eigensinnig wien and Faliero Sarti cater to a specific, fashion-conscious audience. We appeal to people who value individuality and exclusivity.

    Our avant-garde fashion offers you warm winter accessories and winter coats for men and women. From an unusual Mohair balaclava for men and women or a Mohair scarf with hood or hooded scarf. To match, an unconventional Mohair beanie and extravagant Mohair coat for women in winter.

    Are you looking for a warm material that is also stylish? Then we recommend you buy clothing made from Mohair wool.