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All Black Outfits don't follow any fashion trends. What is an All Black Outfit? What is the advantage of All Black Outfits? Alongside answers to these and more questions, this article will guide you in finding your unique Dark High Fashion.




"Dress up in something chic!" Cross your heart, how often do you reach for something black in response to this call?

To call black a fashion color would be an understatement. Every season, designers and fashion journalists wrack their brains over what the "New Black" Therefore, it makes perfect sense to combine black with black, creating an All Black outfit.

This blog is to be understood as a journey into the world of All Black outfits. As responsible guides, we dedicate ourselves to exploring what an All Black outfit is, why one should opt for such, and how to wear it.

After convincing you, we delve deeper and introduce you to various All Black styles, to assist you in crafting your distinctive All Black look.











woman sits on the floor with designer sunglasses in an all black outfit in the dark avant-garde fashion style of eigensinnig wien








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What is an All Black Outfit?


An All Black Outfit, as one might guess, consists solely of clothing in various shades of black. Yet, the focus is always on purpose.

Black may be much, but not arbitrary. An effect is almost always intended, a goal pursued. Naturally, we won't leave you in the dark about these. 






Why Choose an All Black Outfit?

Here at eigensinnig wien, we have hundreds of reasons to don an All Black Outfit. The most compelling argument can be summarized in four words:




Black is always appropriate.

Every employee at eigensinnig wien






Black is both charming and liberated.

Regardless of stature or skin tone, black looks good on everyone.


Black is universal.

Whether one seeks simplicity and timelessness, sophistication and elegance, power and authority, or rebellion and non-conformism - no color offers more versatility.


Black is avant-garde.

Black embodies the aesthetic principles of the avant-garde like no other color. It enables sharp contrasts, emphasizes shapes and structures without the distraction of color. In its ambivalence, it supports the avant-garde fashion's play with the indefinite and the uncertain.



Thus, black is the first choice for numerous occasions.

The Little Black Dress for an exclusive dinner date, a striking Avant-garde outfit for the opening night, or to turn night into day at the club. 


With head-to-toe black outfits, one can never go wrong. When color choice is removed from the equation, not only are unfortunate color combinations avoided, but it also opens up exciting possibilities to diversify one's style.

Play with materials: Combine high-quality Japanese cotton with shiny Belgian linen, cozy Merino wool with tightly woven jersey, delicate silk with premium leather. 


You will see: black is not just black. The varied textures and appearances are a feast for your senses. 




A man sits on the floor with designer sunglasses in an all black outfit in the dark avant-garde fashion style of eigensinnig wien.




How to Wear All Black Outfits?


The beginning might seem hard, but not with All Black Outfits. Starting with a key piece you want to highlight, you design your look in black. This key piece could be an extravagant leather jacket, a uniquely cut shirt, or a fashionable pair of pants. Black is grateful in that it is almost infinitely combinable with itself. It takes a deliberate effort to look poorly dressed in All Black. 





All Black Styles


Our aspiration goes beyond merely being "well" dressed. Below, we delve into the nuances of All Black Styles, divided into three overarching categories, to ensure you're always appropriately and stylishly attired. We'll also cover what to consider for All Black Outfits for women and All Black Outfits for men




All Black Formal Wear

For formal occasions, black has always been at home. The black tie dresscode is not without reason one of the most well-known fashion conventions. Black radiates power and seriousness. In a business context, black prioritizes function and maintains the necessary professional distance. At festive occasions, it's about highlighting status. 



All Black Formal Wear for Men

Men face hardly any insurmountable tasks in finding festive or formal All Black Outfits. The Full Black Suit is already an established standard. It employs high-quality materials and often features a minimalist design.


Even the classic suit, consisting of chino pants, a shirt, and a jacket, allows enough room for fashionable self-expression. In a distinctive manner, we adorn our Full Black Suits with playful details that do not detract from the elegant, timeless look.

Avant-garde fashion and Business Casual are not mutually exclusive. Opt for a mix of materials or different shades of black to create a Broken Suit. Or choose Low Crotch Pants with a casual fit.

For eigensinnig men, this is no more a faux pas than replacing a dress shirt with a chic T-shirt. The classic three-piece suit becomes a fashion statement.


 A man stands in front of a white background wearing an all-black suit by eigensinnig wien in dark avant-garde style





All Black Formal Wear for Women

Women, on the other hand, face a plethora of choices for formal attire, especially since fashion for festive occasions and upscale Business Attire differs more significantly than for men. Fortunately, the trouser suit is also an intuitive All Black Outfit for women. Eigensinnig wien offers a wide selection, from classic to festive to unconventional designer fashion.


An elegant, slim designer pant with subtle lines and high-quality craftsmanship is a timeless piece of "Quiet Luxury" fashion and should be a key piece in any wardrobe.

Whether in cotton or linen, you'll be hard-pressed to find one of our high-quality blazers that isn't complimented by an elegant black designer chino pant. Vary the blazer to cover the entire spectrum of elegant designer pieces. We have a broad selection of black designer fashion, from minimalist-monochrome to edgy.

Similarly versatile, an elegant Marlene pant or a Designer Baggy pant can shift the fashion focus towards festive or casual depending on the blazer.

The choice of blouse also plays a significant role in dressing appropriately for the occasion. While formal events often suggest a conservative choice, an elegant blouse for special occasions can certainly be a statement piece of High Fashion.

Many of our men's shirts are also suitable for women, opening up numerous options to express your distinctiveness.


A woman sits on a chair in front of a white background wearing an all-black pantsuit by eigensinnig wien in dark avant-garde style






All Black Streetwear

Streetwear is an amalgam of leisurewear, sportswear, and urban fashion, incorporating elements of workwear and functional clothing. All Black Streetwear pursues a coherent and minimalist look while being edgy at the same time.

The distinctive interpretation of the theme primarily relies on timeless-minimalist designs that will appear just as stylish in 5 years as they do today. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, our pieces are designed to be frequent and long-term companions. Thus, our focus is not only on playful, fashionable solutions but also on versatility and functionality.

Another focus is high wearing comfort: Life is too short for uncomfortable clothing. Hence, we opt for casual Oversize clothing and offer all our products in large sizes.




All Black Streetwear for Men

Whether you choose a loosely fitting designer pant with a generous cut and casual fit, a Slim Fit chino pant, or an extravagant jumpsuit - our men's streetwear embraces diversity. The high level of comfort does not compromise the fashionable demand, of course.

For hot summer days, there's nothing better than high-quality T-shirts or extravagant shirts made of feather-light linen to create a sporty-elegant look. The top rule of distinctive streetwear: Mix and Match! From the casual linen T-shirt with asymmetrical seams to the loosely fitting silk Shacket, to the extravagant muslin shirt - discover our diverse selection.




All Black Streetwear for Women

A large part of our extensive streetwear collection for men is also available to women. Whether you aim to emphasize your femininity or pursue a decidedly androgynous look - our vast selection makes your distinctiveness visible. In addition, we create exclusive designer blouses and designer sweaters for women, often in Oversize, to further individualize your outfit. Love flowing lines? So do we, as our elegant designer dresses prove.

When the weather or fashion sense calls for the Layering Look, we're here to assist. A fashionable short coat for spring. A casual Overshirt with long sleeves for summer. An extravagant leather coat for your autumn outfit. An opulent wool knit coat for winter. You search, we find.

An offer we also make to men - distinctive coats are for everyone.







A woman stands in front of a white background wearing an all-black jumpsuit by eigensinnig wien in dark avant-garde style

The extraordinary, the bold, the experimental, pure Avant-garde.

  – eigensinnig wien.





All Black Extravagance - Luxury Avantgarde Fashion

Some occasions simply demand making a fashion statement and creating looks that turn heads. Heading to your own opening night? On the guest list of a trendy club? Honored guest at a grand gala? Here, we at eigensinnig wien are in our element: The extraordinary, the bold, the experimental. The Avant-garde.

In this category, we blur the lines between genders. Distinctive Dark Avantgarde fashion is genderless and genderfluid, freeing us from yet another category that stands in the way of confident self-expression.



Androgynous Look - Genderless/Genderfluid

Even the trousers are anything but ordinary. Our Drop Crotch Pants feature a low-hanging crotch, creating opulent silhouettes. The Culottes make the distinction between pants, skirts, and pant-skirts entirely arbitrary. Our designer Jumpsuit with harem pants is just as stunning as a ball gown as it is as an overall for a cozy afternoon on the couch.

We don't dictate whether your favorite piece should be considered a dress or an oversized blouse. The only limits are those you set for yourself.

There's only one rule - everything in the darkest of colors.





All Black Accessories

An outfit without accessories is like a painting without a frame. Thus, at eigensinnig wien, we feel obligated to properly frame your All Black Outfit.

To fulfill this responsibility, we decide, with all our distinctiveness, to also collaborate.


Our designer sunglasses come from Rigards, which designs its concepts in collaboration with avant-garde fashion designers like Ziggy Chen or Uma Wang and has won various design awards.

We source extravagant luxury belts and designer bags made of the finest leather from Tagliovivo, which combines modern manufacturing methods with traditional craftsmanship.

We also offer exclusive Italian designer scarves from Faliero Sarti, renowned for decades for luxurious designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Our exclusive headgear and designer hats are produced in collaboration with the Viennese traditional manufactory Mühlbauer Hüte, established in 1903.

Discover our exclusive selection of handcrafted accessories for men and women here.


A woman stands in front of a white background wearing a designer hat and an all-black outfit by eigensinnig wien in dark avant-garde style






Wear black, every day, until something darker comes along.

Casper – Der Druck steigt





We hope you've enjoyed our foray into the world of All Black Outfits. If we've piqued your curiosity, we look forward to welcoming you to our fashion store in Vienna. Our online shop is also available worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you find your very own All Black Look.














FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about All Black Outfits



Why do so many people wear black?

Black is more versatile than any other color and can send different signals depending on the setting. Black combines well with all colors, especially with itself. It complements every stature and skin tone.


Who likes wearing black?

Black is the favorite color of creatives. Architects, cultural creators, artists of every stripe use the color to foreground their ideas. Avantgarde fashion wearers, in turn, use the "Black Canvas" to give space to their fashion self-expression.


What does wearing black say?

Black is expressive, but not arbitrary. The situation transforms the statement. Avantgarde fashion loves to play with these ambiguities.



How does black clothing affect appearance?

Here, context is key. Black clothing can stand for elegance and sophistication, represent a dark rebellious aesthetic, but also appear very serious. In its versatility, black is both the most timeless and the most modern color.



What does All Black Everything mean?

"All Black Everything" originates from hip-hop culture and is an aesthetic where all clothing and accessories are completely black. Coming from a subculture, "All Black Everything" stands for rebellion or anti-conformism. In artistic expression, it conveys a certain depth and seriousness.



Why do women wear black?

Women in black radiate elegance and sophistication. They create a timeless aesthetic that focuses on the essence of the clothing, its cut, and material. Not least, black is a slimming color.



Why do men wear black?

Black exudes power and authority, as well as seriousness and professionalism. Not only in professional settings are these desirable traits.







About the author:

Daniel Tellian has been writing for eigensinnig wien since 2024. The journalist brings experience from the fields of journalism, German studies and media observation and thinks fashion off the beaten track.





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