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Discover unique designer hats for men and women by Reinhard Plank. From bucket hats and beanies and many more.

Behind the lavish hats is the native South Tyrolean, Reinhard Plank, who studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and has been giving handmade headgear an unconventional touch in his hat studio in Florence since 2005.

The unique hats, whether a designer cap, beanie, bucket hat, lavish women's hats, or designer hat. All are handcrafted in Florence, making each hat a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. His original collections exude playfulness, minimalism, and provocativeness simultaneously, always remaining opulent and distinct.

Discover designer hats by Reinhard Plank at eigensinnig wien. From Fedora Hats to Porkpie, Bowler, Cowboy Hats, Fisherman's Hats, and much more.

Distinctive Designer Hats by Reinhard Plank from Italy

Reinhard Plank, an Italian designer and hatmaker, is renowned for his unparalleled and exploratory hats. Born in South Tyrol, Italy in 1964, he pursued fashion design at the Florence Academy of Art and Design. Since the 1990s, Plank has crafted a multitude of hats often from novel materials like paper, wood, straw, and cork.

His creations echo the eccentric and experimental hat making, yet often draw inspiration from traditional hats. Melding time-honored craftsmanship with modern materials and technologies, he realizes avant-garde designs. Each hat is handcrafted, making it distinct.

Elegant Straw Hats for Men

Embracing sustainability, Plank often opts for eco-conscious materials and choices, with some hats crafted from recycled paper and organically dyed.

Be it a designer cap, bucket hat, or an big women's hat, all are handcrafted near Florence.

His collections radiate playful, minimalist, provocative charm, without overshadowing their true purpose: the wearer. Central to Plank’s design philosophy is understanding an individual's inclination towards personal space—either to stand out or blend in.

Exquisite Men's Hat from Wool

One of Plank's notable design features is his penchant for unconventional materials, lending unique textures. For instance, he has designed hats from cork and wood, showcasing unique tactile experiences.

He has developed unique manufacturing techniques, one being scorching wool, making each piece a work of art through its distinct coloration.

Beret from Black Angora Wool

Plank’s fondness for Angora fibers, known for their softness and warmth, results in stylish berets and beanies, especially cozy for autumn and winter.

Men's Designer Caps

Prioritizing his customers, Plank collaborates to craft custom designs tailored to their preferences.

Reinhard Plank is a trailblazer in millinery, marrying traditional craft with innovative techniques and materials.

His designer hats, for both men and women, epitomize innovation, creativity, and artisanal skill.

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