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Men's linen shirts. A statement in design and high quality. From classic black to white, from slim fit to plus size, handcrafted and unconventional.

Linen shirts for men

In the world of avant-garde fashion, where elegance meets extravagance, the linen shirt for men from eigensinnig wien occupies a special place. These men's linen shirts fuse tailoring with exceptional fashion design. They are not just a clothes, but are a statement defined by quality, design and sustainability.

The unique combination of classic charm and unconventional details makes every men's linen shirt an exclusive work of art. At eigensinnig wien it's not just about wearing a piece of clothing, but about experiencing a lifestyle that is reflected in every thread of a high-quality linen shirt.

Linen shirt in black

The linen shirt in black from stubborn wien speaks a language of subtle elegance. This designer linen shirt captures the essence of minimalism and presents itself as a perfect piece of outfit for both formal and informal occasions. The deep color gives each piece a special depth, making it an essential addition to any wardrobe.

Discover “Gruen”, our black linen shirt for men.

Linen shirt in white

A linen shirt in white is the quintessential classic. At stubborn wien, this garment is reinterpreted to create a balance between tradition and innovation. The white linen shirt is an expression of purity and simplicity and yet unmistakably exclusive.

Buy this white linen shirt for men "Gruen".

Long sleeve linen shirt for men

The men's long sleeve linen shirt is a versatile garment that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions. The focus is on comfort and high-quality workmanship, making it a timeless companion in every men's wardrobe.

Buy this Long sleeve linen shirt for men "Thoreau".

Summer linen shirt for men

In summer, the linen shirt for men becomes an indispensable companion. The airy, breathable properties of linen make it the ideal choice for hot days. At quirky wien, these shirts are designed so that they not only keep you cool, but also impress in terms of style.

The summer shirt for men made from high-quality linen from eigensinnig wien wien is the perfect symbiosis of style and functionality. Not only are these shirts comfortable to wear, but they are also sustainably made in Europe, making them a conscious choice for the modern man.

Linen shirt with stand-up collar

The linen shirt with a stand-up collar is a tribute to traditional tailoring. At eigensinnig wien, this design is reinterpreted to build a bridge between classic elegance and the modern avant-garde.

Linen shirt without collar

A linen shirt without a collar from eigensinnig wien is an expression of freedom and unconventionality. It offers a casual alternative to the traditional collar style and highlights the wearer's individual personality.

Linen shirts for men in plus size: From 3XL, 4XL and 5XL

The philosophy of eigensinnig wien is that style is not a question of body shape. That's why we offer linen shirts in 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. Each shirt is made with the same care and attention to detail whether you wear large or plus sizes.

Discover extraordinary Fashion for men in plus size.

Slim fit linen shirt for men

The slim fit linen shirt for men is a modern interpretation of the classic linen shirt. It emphasizes the silhouette and at the same time offers enough freedom of movement. These shirts are an expression of contemporary elegance. A designer shirt for elegant men.

Fitted linen shirts for men

Fitted linen shirts from eigensucht wien are an ode to individual fit. They offer a flattering silhouette while remaining comfortable and stylish. Tailored and perfect fit for an elegant men's outfit.

Custom tailoring for linen shirts

The exclusive, in-house alterations and tailoring department at eigensucht wien makes it possible to customize every linen shirt. Whether it's about special requests in terms of fit or special design elements. Our bespoke tailoring ensures that every shirt is as unique as the wearer.

Read more about our in-house Tailorshop in Vienna.

Linen shirts as part of unique men's linen outfits

Buying a linen shirt means choosing quality, exclusivity and sustainability. Each linen shirt is a part of the outfit from linen jackets and linen pants, that dresses not only the body but also the mind. It is a choice that goes beyond the ordinary and into the world of the extraordinary. A designer linen shirt from eigensinnig wien is more than just a piece of clothing.