Reinhard Plank

Basco Special angora beret hat in black

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Spezieller Baskenhut aus Angora in schwarz. Eine versatile Kopfbedeckung für die kühlere Jahreszeit.

The beret is a historical artifact that has been used repeatedly as a political symbol over the centuries. One thinks above all of the national patriotic significance of this headgear in the wake of Carlism, a monarchist political current in Spain in the 19th century, or of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, who was the central leader of the rebel army of the Cuban Revolution from 1956 to 1959.

Personally handmade by Italian milliner Reinhard Plank, the Basco also subtly reflects a touch of rebellion, because its peculiarity lies in its exceptional shape: a flat form, which has an inwardly curved head opening and in the middle of which confidently rises a small peak. The cap is very comfortable to wear due to the natural angora fiber and warms comfortably on cold days in autumn and winter. Due to its black color, the extraordinary beret is a timeless, classically elegant companion that was already the preferred headwear for Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo. The Basco can be worn in different ways. It can be shaped in any way and placed either in the middle or on the side of the head. In this way, it gives the wearer more extravagance.

Brand: Reinhard Plank
Material: 100% angora
Color: black

eigensinnig wien presents: Reinhard Plank, exquisite hats and caps from the Italian manufactory near Florence

Behind the avant-garde hat creations is South Tyrolean-born Reinhard Plank, who studied industrial design at the Angewandte in Vienna and has been putting an unconventional finishing touch on headwear in his studio since 2005.
The extraordinary hats are handmade near Florence, making each artifact unique in its own right. One of his most unusual manufacturing processes is burning the wool, which gives each model its own unique coloration.
His original collections look playful, minimalist and provocative at the same time. But Plank never loses sight of what is essential: the people for whom he creates. The central question is always how the individual deals with the concept of personal space: does the individual want to remain discreetly in the background or show himself rather extravagantly. Plank's craftsmanship, design and art are oriented to this.

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