eigensinnig wien | SloSay | Oversize Hosenanzug für Damen in Marineblau
eigensinnig wien | SloSay | Oversize Hosenanzug für Damen in Marineblau

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SloSay Women's Oversized Suit Set in Navy Blue

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The exclusive women's oversized suit set is a statement blending tradition with rebellion. Pure avant-garde fashion for the individualist woman.

There are clothes that provoke. That test boundaries and redefine them. And then there are pieces that do all this with an innate elegance. Step into the realm of the oversized women's suit, a daring mash-up of Japanese kimono artistry and unbridled avant-garde style.



Oversized Jacket 'Sayaka' - More than just a women's kimono jacket

Our 'Sayaka' oversized jacket is a hybrid: the raw energy of urban life mixed with the serenity of traditional kimonos. The luxurious blend of linen and wool melds with the skin, flattering, confronting, and embracing all at once. It's like wearing the electric buzz of Tokyo streets combined with the meditative calm of a Kyoto temple.'



Women's Harem Pants 'Sloterdijk' - Where avant-garde meets anarchy

The 'Sloterdijk' women's harem pants are a direct challenge to conventions. A cheeky twist probing the intersections between classic chic and rebellious streetwear. Wide legs adding expression and attitude to every step. This isn't a garment you simply wear — you step into a stance.



The Oversized Suit for Women - High Culture meets Underground

This oversized suit for women isn't just a statement; it's a cultural phenomenon. It combines the grandeur of traditional high culture with the vibrant heartbeat of the underground.

On one side, the elegance and precision of concert halls and opera houses, captured in meticulous stitches and timeless cuts. On the other, the rebellious essence of sweaty basement clubs and graffiti-tagged alleys, made manifest in bold volumes and avant-garde silhouettes.

With each fold, it whispers tales of art exhibits and underground music, of soirees beneath chandeliers and dance nights bathed in neon. It's this dynamic duality that makes the oversized suit utterly irresistible.



Women's Suit in Plus Sizes - Size is Just a Number

Forget standards. We've crafted this fashion for everyone. From XS to XXXL — we celebrate diversity in all its facets. The flexible elastic of the harem pants and the oversized cut of the jacket serve as a definitive middle finger to stereotypical beauty norms.

Here, in the rugged aesthetic and unconventional silhouette of our oversized suit, courage and fashion find an explosive crossroads. And while the masses drift into the safety of mainstream monotony, it's the brave souls who embrace and perpetuate the legacy of tradition and rebellion. This is your moment. Be unforgettable.



Who wears this oversized suit?

She's an elusive enigma, charting her own path in the tumultuous waters of the mainstream. Not average but the pinnacle of individuality. Truly unique. An urban nomad, at home in the concrete jungles of New York, Tokyo, and Berlin, who disappears into the creative cacophony of art installations, theater performances, and exclusive events.

When she enters a room, her presence is felt before she's even spotted. Her tales, tinted with the hues of jazz clubs in Montmartre, spontaneous dance moves in Bushwick, and nocturnal philosophy discussions in Kreuzberg, are as multifaceted as the suit she dons.

Curators know her, fashion designers desire her, photographers chase her. Not because she fits the muse stereotype, but because she challenges it. In a world of influencers and Insta-celebrities, where all seems to be a reproduction, she's a rare original.

In her oversized suit, she's not just dressed; she's armored. Armed against conformity, equipped for creative revolutions. A fleeting glance, a conspiratorial smile, a spring in her step — and she's off again, poised for her next adventure, always moving, perpetually unstoppable. She is the avant-garde visionary, an icon.



When do you wear this oversized suit?

In the shadowy alleys of Parisian art galleries, where the muted lighting only accentuates her rebellious statement. To the abstract dance theater, where the suit sways in tandem with every dancer's motion. At that top-secret rooftop event in Berlin, where avant-garde fashion and electronic beats merge into the night. Or at that exclusive, unannounced pop-up dinner in an abandoned London warehouse, where every guest becomes part of the spectacle.

This suit is for those moments when the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, where the familiar meets the unexpected, and where the distinctive lady assertively takes center stage. Reminding the world that her style is more than just attire. It's a singular statement of pure non-conformity.



What do I combine with this oversized suit?

With this oversized suit, the range of pairing options spans from timelessly elegant to provocatively edgy. Start with a minimalist, monochrome women's sweater or a flowing black blouse. The top contrasts perfectly with the complexity of the suit, providing visual calm.

For footwear, chunky leather boots or avant-garde sneakers reinforce the suit's statement, adding an urban, rebellious touch. Those leaning towards a classier look might opt for pointed leather boots or ankle boots with a modern twist.

Accessories? Less is more here. A single, impactful necklace or statement earrings might be all that's needed. A leather handbag or clutch completes the picture. And of course, for that hint of mystery, a designer sunglasses with unique silhouettes are a must-have.

For those truly daring, a wide-brimmed hat or a casual slouchy beanie might just be the finishing touch.

The art of combining lies in an eye for detail and the courage to break conventions.



Tailored oversized suit for women

In our in-house Viennese tailor shop, we meet the needs of our discerning clientele with expertise spanning decades.

Is your desired size sold out? Do you prefer a different material, a different shade, or yearn for special details in the oversized suit? For us, these aren't mere inquiries but challenges we tackle with passion.

Every custom-made piece, whether in terms of cut, material, or design, is understood as a manifesto of uniqueness. At eigensinnig wien, we transform your ideas into handcrafted creations, standing in the tradition of Viennese craftsmanship while honoring the desire for personal expression. It's a promise of authenticity we extend to every one of our individualistic customers – tailor-made luxury, just a wish away.


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In our in-house tailor shop we make your custom size for you. From a different material or in a different color? Do you need something unique for weddings, official appearances or other special occasions? We create and tailor to measure. Just contact us.


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