Faliero Sarti | Edo | Edler Kaschmirschal mit Muster in Braun/Schwarz
Faliero Sarti | Edo | Edler Kaschmirschal mit Muster in Braun/Schwarz
Faliero Sarti | Edo | Edler Kaschmirschal mit Muster in Braun/Schwarz
Faliero Sarti | Edo | Edler Kaschmirschal mit Muster in Braun/Schwarz
Faliero Sarti | Edo | Edler Kaschmirschal mit Muster in Braun/Schwarz

Faliero Sarti

Edo Noble Cashmere Scarf with Brown/Black Pattern

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No chunky scarf for women and men could feel more silky.

With its vigorous print, the designer scarf for both genders serves as a stylish accessory for winter. While weighing on the skin no more than good news does to the soul.

Where there's sun, there's also shadow - Faliero Sarti reinvents the pashmina scarf for women and men

The light pashmina shawl has been worn for many centuries. Traditionally in the Arab world and Asia. Thanks to the narrow and long cut, this shoulder wrap can be worn festively. Simply drape it lightly around your neck, shoulders, and head.

In the Italian design house Faliero Sarti, natural materials and clothing traditions are combined with modern patterns. The long scarf for women and men stands out with its rough and unpredictable print pattern at both ends. All this without imposing itself on the eye.

Pure cashmere combined with a slight proportion of natural sheep wool results in a comforting and warm wearing experience. Which 'eigensinnig' people can wear through wind-blasted alleys and dimly lit promenades.

Assertive through the seasons in wonderfully soft cashmere

The brown-black scarf for women and men is held in natural tones, appearing hand-printed.

Cashmere is particularly fine wool and can therefore be easily transformed into a high-quality pashmina scarf. The wool is processed very thin and filigree, allowing the pashmina shawl to cool in summer and warm in winter.

The traditional house Faliero Sarti reaps worldwide recognition for its exceptionally light yet warming creations. The extraordinarily high quality of the extravagant creations can be pleasantly felt on the skin.

Whether you're looking for an oversized scarf or soft scarf. A blanket scarf or simply cozy scarf. Faliero Sarti scarves cater to all your desires.

Naturally appearing with optical highlights

The natural essence of the fabric gives formal and everyday wardrobe an extravagant nuance. Eccentric people can gently emphasize their naturalness with this warming yet light accessory. If you're wondering how to wear a cashmere scarf:

• A traditional pashmina can be wrapped in many different ways around the head and neck. The light brown shoulder wrap forms a magnificent contrast to black shirts or blouses. This winter scarf for women and men offers a stylish alternative to the classic cardigan.

• If you don't want to take off your cardigan, it can be worn as a loop scarf for women or a triangular scarf for men. The cashmere scarf, when looped, breathes with the chest as it rises and falls in waves.

• The brown cashmere scarf with black patterned ends and wicked black streaks can also be combined with urban clothing styles. As a warm scarf with an elegant jumpsuit, Edo can caress your neck as an accessory during the cold season.

• In the icy winter, the pashmina protects as an elegant scarf for avant garde dresses neck and shoulders. Even in the dark season, warming wardrobe is no understatement.

• As an accessory, the elegant shoulder wrap can also be worn as a women's stole for evening dresses or trouser suits. For a proud appearance and optically widened shoulders, the warm stole for the evening dress is simply laid lengthwise over the shoulders.

• A natural cashmere scarf for men is a cuddly contrast to rough knitwear or dark leather jackets. On long walks in the woods, the light and shadow patterns of the trees are reflected in the pattern.


Wearing options such as a large winter scarf for women or as a simple men's cashmere scarf with black details. From summer scarves to pashmina scarves for women to chunky scarves for men. Faliero Sarti's designer scarves offer a wide range for women and men, with which you can do nothing wrong.

To combine it with avant garde fashion for men, pair it with our unconventional summer jacket "Edward". Or with the long black coat "Voltaire" for women. If you're still not sure, which garments you can wear with this winter and fall scarf, visit us. We are more than happy to help you.

The magic of the orient in a modern variation

The Pashmina Cashmere scarf serves as protection from the elements and connects eccentrics with the moods of nature. Wind, sun, and cold are virtually absorbed by the soft fabric and transformed into gentle movements.

Urban styles get a warm and natural sound with the Faliero Sarti scarf. Like the morning horizon in the hot tundra, which almost imperceptibly gains in color.


Brand: Faliero Sarti

Color: Black/Sand

Material: 95% Cashmere / 5% Wool

Scarf-Style: Noble scarf with pattern

Faliero Sarti at eigensinnig wien. High-quality, Italian designer scarves and shawls in our showroom and online shop

Faliero Sarti has gained renown for creating high-quality scarves with innovative designs for both men and women. The company has its base in Tuscany, the heart of Italy, since its foundation in 1949. The fabric factory located there creates the masterful pieces from the finest natural materials.

Just like with us in eigensinnig wien, each of our products is a narrative in itself. A testament to craftsmanship and passionate devotion. Our creations reflect these elements in their design and manufacture.

Whether you are looking for an elegant, long scarf for men in winter. Or a fine silk scarf for women. A warm wool scarf in black, or a high-quality pashmina shawl. Faliero Sarti offers shawls and scarves for men and women that excel in quality and sustainability.

From an oversized scarf to a fancy scarf like a women's stole, all the way to a cozy scarf for winter. Wear Faliero Sarti scarves anywhere and anytime as an expression of your sense of elegant comfort and unparalleled luxury.

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