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Sol Exclusive Wool Scarf with Special Woven Pattern in Sand

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Elegant Merino wool scarf for men and women in a gentle shade of sand, adorned with fringes and a woven pattern. The ideal scarf for autumn and winter.


The designer scarf for women and men - A masterpiece that touches and inspires

This special autumn and winter scarf melds avant-garde fashion's spirit with the comfort of refined Merino wool. Inspired by sand and sun, this scarf tells a story of warmth and exclusivity.

The cozy elegance, unique texture, and sandy hue evoke emotions compelling one to purchase. It's not merely an accessory but a statement of contemporary, unconventional style.

The premium Merino wool scarf for men and women

The Merino wool from which Sol is crafted epitomizes luxury and quality. With its supple texture that feels gentle against the skin, Merino wool offers excellent thermal regulation and breathability.

This natural material is renowned for its moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties. This makes it a perfect autumn and winter scarf for both men and women. Elegant in texture and appearance, Merino wool stands as a testament to eigensinnig wien's commitment to fine quality.

The luxury scarf for women and men - A play on texture and form

The fringed ends of this scarf are more than just an aesthetic highlight. They signify an appreciation for detail and the unconventional in avant-garde fashion. Each thread embodies exclusivity.

The thick effect yarn, cleverly woven into the design, bestows a distinctive texture upon the scarf. This design element distinguishes it from other autumn and winter accessories, bearing witness to eigensinnig wien's high-quality craftsmanship and design ambition.

Practical care tips for the exclusive wool scarf

Merino wool is not only luxurious but also easy to care for. Its fine fiber structure allows for gentle hand washing or machine washing on a wool cycle. With proper care, your wool scarf will remain an elegant, warming accessory for years to come, accompanying you through many winters.

How to style the exceptional Merino wool scarf?

Versatile and sophisticated, this winter scarf complements any black outfit, adding a warm touch to your autumn and winter ensembles:


  • As a loop scarf for women and men:

Double-wrapping "Sol" around your neck creates the illusion of a loop scarf. Its unique woven pattern is showcased in this variation, presenting a modern take on a classic look. As a tube scarf, it pairs exceptionally well with jackets and coats, providing added comfort and effortless daily wear.

  • As an elegant scarf for women and men:

Paired with an all-black ensemble, the sandy-hued wool scarf introduces warmth and texture, creating a captivating contrast. Its woven pattern and color shade breathe life into the monochromatic black.

  • For women worn as a festive shawl:

This festive shawl or stole is the perfect accessory for outdoor events or cooler indoor spaces. Drape "Sol" asymmetrically over one shoulder to elevate your outfit's sophistication.

  • As a womens stole for your evening gown:

At gala evenings or formal events, "Sol" takes center stage. Its unique pattern and soft Merino wool offer both comfort and style. Paired with your avant garde dress, it serves not only as a warming layer. It ist a luxurious accessory to underscore your distinctive elegance.

From all black looks to business ensembles. Whether as an elegant scarf for your evening gown or a loop scarf for men in the winter.

In combination with our avant-garde fashion for men, we recommend wearing "Sol" with our black linen jacket "Popper". Paired with the black pleated linen trousers with low crotch "Goethe", it completes an avant-garde all black outfit.

For women in search of the unconventional, the combination with our elegant blouse jacket "Ada" is a perfect choice. Together with the black drop crotch pants "Russell", it crafts a remarkable avant-garde appearance.

The soft scarf for men and women crafted from premium Merino wool is the ideal companion for the colder months. Experiment with different looks and make "Sol" your personal fashion statement.

From a minimalistic black scarf to a high-quality silk scarf. A cozy blanket scarf or a fancy scarf as a color accent to your clean black outfit. An oversized scarf to pair with your slim fit shirt or a simple cozy scarf for cold winter days.

At eigensinnig wien we offer you a wide palette of exclusive designer scarves and shawls. From exquisite Faliero Sarti scarves to our own creation to complete your avant-garde look.

Explore the selection of scarves for men and women at eigensinnig wien here.


Brand: eigensinnig wien

Material: 70% Merino wool, 30% PA

Color: Sand

Style: Exclusive scarf with special woven pattern


eigensinnig wien: Extraordinary avant-garde designer fashion label for men and women from Vienna.

eigensinnig wien stands for exceptional avant-garde fashion for men and women. Our focus lies in the creation of unusual fashion that brings out the character of the person.

We combine high-quality designs with perfect craftsmanship in the tradition of tailoring. All models are created in our in-house studio above the showroom in Vienna. And then made by hand in a small, owner-managed factory in Slovenia.

The sometimes extravagant fashion for men and women is sometimes elegant, sometimes extravagant. Sometimes sporty, sometimes with a narrow silhouette, sometimes with wide models. And much more.

We also produce unusual fashion for plus size and large sizes for women and men. Because we believe that exclusive clothing should not only be reserved for normal sizes. In our in-house tailoring shop, we specialize in custom-made products according to your wishes. Be it for everyday life or special occasions such as weddings, special appearances and much more.

Welcome to the world of eigensinnig wien.

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In our in-house tailor shop we make your custom size for you. From a different material or in a different color? Do you need something unique for weddings, official appearances or other special occasions? We create and tailor to measure. Just contact us.


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