Tagliovivo | 2,5x5 Buckle | Schmaler, schwarzer Ledergürtel für Damen
Tagliovivo | 2,5x5 Buckle | Schmaler, schwarzer Ledergürtel für Damen
Tagliovivo | 2,5x5 Buckle | Schmaler, schwarzer Ledergürtel für Damen


2,5x5 Buckle Narrow, Black Leather Belt for Women

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This women's designer belt has been specially designed for those who value style and quality. The "2,5x5 Buckle" belt by Tagliovivo is an expression of elegance and genuine craftsmanship.

A bridge between the genders

The sleek and sophisticated design of the 2,5x5 Buckle creates a gender-transcending aesthetic. Like a whisper of elegance, this leather belt connects men and women, showing that true style knows no boundaries.

The hand-dyed designer belt in black for women and men becomes a common denominator of quality and taste. A line that connects cultures and times.

The path to perfection: slenderness as an art form

In a world where luxury is often opulent, the women's and men's luxury leather belt speaks a language of simplicity. With its narrow width, it resembles a quiet river winding through the landscape of fashion. It emphasizes without dominating, complements without overshadowing. Its slim form allows flexibility and versatility, fitting with tight trousers, dresses, or even the most avant-garde outfits.

In combination with our avant-garde fashion designs, we recommend our elegant brown blouse "Curie" for women made of viscose. Distinctive men can wear the handmade leather belt with our special black linen shirt "Gruen".

A Story Told in Every Stitch

Tagliovivo's men's and women's Italian leather belt is like a novel written in leather. Each stitch tells a story of craftsmanship, tradition, and an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. The hand forged iron belt buckle, elegant and striking, is the chapter you'll want to read over and over. It embodies strength in a world of delicacy, a statement that speaks softly yet decisively.

The Advantages of Simplicity

A narrow black belt is not just an aesthetic statement. It's a functional companion that combines comfort and elegance. It hugs without constricting, adds without overwhelming, emphasizes without overpowering.

The 2,5x5 Buckle women's and men's designer belt is the perfect expression of this philosophy. An ode to understatement, which can be so powerful.


Brand: Tagliovivo

Color: Black

Material: 100% Hand-Dyed Calf Leather

Length: 120 cm

Width: 2,5 cm

Belt-Style: Narrow belt with large buckle

High-Quality Italian Leather Belts for men and women from Tagliovivo at the eigensinnig wien Showroom and Online Shop

The connection between eigensinnig wien and Tagliovivo is not a conventional collaboration. Rather, it's a harmonious fusion of vision, art, and artisanal mastery. A union that extends from the business look to casual leisure fashion.

At eigensinnig wien, we find in Tagliovivo a like-minded partner. A partner who shares the same relentless pursuit of excellence and distinctive aesthetics. One for whom the concept of quality holds a lofty place of regard.

From waist belts for women to elegant leather belts adorned with classic buckles for men. Whether it's black designer belts with round buckles for women. Or traditional men leather belts with hand forged belt buckles. The exclusive designer belts for women and men from Tagliovivo are marked by their unmistakable character and flawless craftsmanship.

These handcrafted leather belts thus fit seamlessly into the avant-garde collections of eigensinnig wien. These luxury belts for men and women not only complement the extraordinary creations of the label. They also lend an additional dimension of sophistication and exclusivity. Whether paired casually with chino pants or as a highlight to an elegant dress, they perfectly complement any ensemble.

The collaboration between eigensinnig wien and Tagliovivo is a testament to the passion of both brands. It displays the desire to craft fashion that is artistic, contemporary, and timeless. This partnership also underlines the mutual respect and commitment to quality, creativity, and innovation.

The search for the perfect belt for every outfit ends with the Tagliovivo collection. Here, every style, personality, and occasion finds ample consideration, ensuring a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and functional elegance.

Deriving from a fine tradition of fashion innovation, this collection encapsulates a commitment to beauty and excellence. This reflects the values of both eigensinnig wien and Tagliovivo.

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