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Tuareg Extravagant harem pants for women and men made of cotton in black

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Airy black cotton harem pants with a low crotch for men and women. Fancy Aladdin pants with wide legs, which can be narrowed with a button.

The designer trousers for men and women were inspired by the spirit of the nomadic people of the Tuareg. This is how obstinate people show their relaxed side. "If you flee the hole, you fall into the well," says the wandering desert people of the Sahara.

This informality is also conveyed by the light summer trousers with ankle-length legs that caress the calves loosely and loosely.

Fancy Aladdin pants made of black cotton for spring and summer

The black pants made of natural fibers have a fine, smooth surface . Like hakama pants in the tradition of Japanese avant-garde fashion, they are simple and casual. However, a closer look reveals special details. The obstinate culotte trousers in black refresh your summer wardrobe like a mild west wind.

Loose harem pants with a low crotch

The extraordinary harem pants for men and women have two pockets on the front and can be worn in spring-like temperatures. But it also conveys an airy and free feeling in stinging heat.

A wide elastic waistband on the hips brings shape to the loose summer pants with low crotch and wide hem. This can be individually adjusted with a black and white patterned horn button with a delicate loop.

Wide harem pants with an idiosyncratic design for men and women

A striking detail of the extravagant pants are the symmetrical decorative seams on the fabric. Like a nomad roaming the sand dunes, they relentlessly make their way through the black fabric.

The special thing about the trousers with wide legs for men and women is that they combine the special features of avant-garde fashion with the comfort of thin summer trousers.

Plus size black harem pants

The light, natural cotton lets the wide, black harem pants for women and men cool in motion. Like untouched sand at sunset.

Tuareg 's loose fit breathes a sense of serenity into everyday life that can only come about on really hot days, and the airy harem pants also fit obstinate men and women with large sizes up to 3XL.


Fashion Label : eigensinnig wien
Color: Black
material: 100% cotton
Pants Style: Harem Pants Women Men


Male model is 188cm, 70kg and wears a size Medium. Female model is 178cm, 52kg and is wearing a size Small.


eigensinnig wien : Extraordinary avant-garde designer fashion label for men and women from Vienna.

eigensinnig wien stands for exceptional avant-garde fashion for men and women. Our focus lies in the creation of unique fashion that brings out the character of the person. We combine special designs with perfect craftsmanship in the tradition of tailoring.

All models are created in our in-house studio above the showroom in Vienna. Then they are made by hand in a small factory in Slovenia.

The sometimes extravagant fashion for men and women is sometimes elegant, sometimes sporty. Sometimes with a narrow silhouette, sometimes with wide models. And much more.

We also produce extraordinary fashion for plus size and large sizes for women and men. Because we think that avant-garde clothing should not only be reserved for normal sizes. In our in-house tailoring shop, we specialize in custom-made products according to your personal wishes. We create for everyday wear or special occasions such as weddings, special performances and more.

Welcome to the world of eigensinnig wien.

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In our in-house tailor shop we make your custom size for you. From a different material or in a different color? Do you need something unique for weddings, official appearances or other special occasions? We create and tailor to measure. Just contact us.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland: 1-2 days
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Asia, Australia and North America: 2-4 days
In Vienna additionally: 3 hours with the bicycle messenger

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