The Softest Raw A Poetic Carapace for the Obstinate Character

Walking between the worlds - The obstinate pieces we create connect the body to the world, the internal to the external, dreams to reality, the past to the future. They are the Between between the worlds, they are movable, adaptable, supple bridges between their wearers and the times and spaces they inhabit.

The Here and Now: war, inflation, pandemic and climate crisis challenge us on multiple levels. Outrage is the reaction of so many, who, at the same time, feel they need to gear up, to don an armor as a sign of their outrage, who feel they need a carapace to protect them from everything that is raining down on them. 

The specially coated black Belgian linen in our new collection, manifesting itself in our linen suit, linen trousers, linen jacket, linen coat and harem pants, is our attempt at an answer: It is a soft armor, a poetic carapace. It enfolds without hiding, it provides security without restricting, it becomes one with the person who wears it. It forms an obstinate system which organically reconciles the outside and the inside and has its very own dark-fashion aesthetic.