Harem Pants and Baggy Pants Oversize Pants for Women

Fancy oversize pants, harem pants and baggy pants for women for lovers of fashionable extravagance.

Discover modern sarouel pants made of linen and fine cotton that emphasize your extravagant character. We have loose baggy pants with wide legs as well as drop crotch pants.

Wear these extraordinary women's pants if you like it comfortable but don't want to forego unique style.

Many of these particular harem pants are also available in plus size. If you wish, we can also manufacture your favorite pants according to your individual measurements.

Designer fashion for women: The perfect harem pants

As a modern label for avant-garde fashion, eigensinnig wien attaches great importance to the diversity and individuality of its collections.

In the field of women's fashion in particular, there is an impressive selection of high-quality garments that are both aesthetic and functional. One of the most well-known and popular types of wide trousers for women is the drop-crotch trousers.

The perfect harem pants for women

Aladdin pants are among the fashionable items of clothing that can be worn both in everyday life and on special occasions. There are many different types of harem pants that vary in terms of fabric, fit, and design.

For ladies looking for the perfect pair of harem pants, there are many options to choose from in the eigensinnig wien online shop and concept store.

One of the best features of harem pants is their comfortable fit, which guarantees freedom of movement. These pants are loose around the hips and have wide legs that often taper at the bottom.

Most sarouel pants also have a low crotch, meaning the fabric hangs very low between the legs. This gives the pants their characteristic shape and makes them comfortable to wear.

Saroul pants for women who prefer a comfortable fit

If you are looking for airy summer trousers for women that offer a comfortable fit, there are a few things to consider. First, you should choose the size carefully to make sure the pants fit in the right places. We have harem pants in a variety of sizes, including plus sizes for women from XL.

Another important factor in the fit of harem pants is the fabric. Lightweight cotton is a good choice for summer, while heavier fabrics like linen or wool are better for winter.

Some drop crotch pants also have elastic cuffs or a drawstring waist to adjust the fit.

Lightweight harem pants for women made of cotton and linen in black

If you are looking for lightweight harem pants for the summer, cotton or Belgian linen are excellent choices.

These trousers are lightweight, breathable and keep you cool on hot summer days. At eigensinnig wien you will find cotton harem pants in various colors and designs.

Harem pants for women in large sizes

We offer a wide range of women's drop crotch and wide leg trousers. Also in large sizes from XL.

These pants are specially designed for women with a larger stature and offer the same comfort and style as standard sized Sarouel pants.

Comfortable trousers for women who value freedom

Whether for sports or everyday life: women who move a lot need comfortable pants. A harem pants for women is ideal for this because it has a comfortable fit and offers enough freedom of movement.

Casual baggy pants for women

Baggy trousers for women are very trendy and are a comfortable alternative to skinny jeans and tight trousers. Baggy pants have a loose fit and wide legs. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for women who prefer a casual look.

Loose trousers for women who love freedom of movement

If you travel a lot or need a lot of freedom of movement in everyday life, loose trousers are the perfect choice. A pair of harem pants for women is ideal as it is not only comfortable but stylish and modern at the same time.

Wide-leg trousers for lovers of unusual fashion

Wide pants for women are trendy and becoming more and more popular. The harem pants are a particularly good example of this.

It has a loose fit and an exotic look that immediately catches the eye. Unique and unconventional in design, it emphasizes the extravagant character of its wearer.

Pants with a low crotch for women

The harem pant is a unique pant characterized by its loose fit and low crotch. But did you know that there are other types of drop crotch pants?

Eigensinnig wien offers a variety of drop crotch pants, all of which are comfortable and stylish. From baggy trousers to jumpsuits, we have everything your heart desires. Discover the elegant jumpsuithere.

Our drop crotch sarouelpants come in a variety of colors and fabrics and can be worn both day and night.

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