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Zeus Florentine Hat for Men in Straw for Spring and Summer in Brown

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Special round straw hat for men with wide brim in brown. A handmade summer hat from Italy for women who love unique pieces.

While the hot afternoon sun in the Greek summer unleashed itself in an indescribable heat wave, Zeus was sitting pensively on Mount Olympus when, with his eagle eyes, he caught sight of his wife and sister Hera on the Aegean seashore. She had stolen his toy, a Florentine hat made of 100 % straw, handmade by the hatter Reinhard Plank.

Exceptional straw hat for ladies and gentlemen

Zeus loved this brown boater hat with a flat crown. He used it as a sun protection hat for gentlemen before his mind dipped into Hera's reflection in the water. A touch of mildness rose in him and he chose not to judge her with the flash of the gods.

The Florentine Hat by Reinhard Plank

He understood that eventually his circular saw hat for men would also be a hat for ladies on elegant occasions. Zeus watched from afar as Hera transformed this southern summer hat for men into a wonderful women's hat. Her beauty was indescribable, and she blossomed under this protective wide-brimmed straw hat like a flower in spring.

Fashion-Brand: Reinhard Plank
Material: 100% Straw
Color: Brown
Hat-Style: Florentine Hat | Men's Straw Hat with Wide Brim

You will find the measurement of the hat in centimetres next to the size indication.

eigensinnig wien präsentiert: Reinhard Plank, exquisite hats and caps from the Italian manufactury near Florence

Behind the avant-garde hat creations is South Tyrolean-born Reinhard Plank, who studied industrial design at the Angewandte in Vienna and has been putting an unconventional finishing touch on headwear in his studio since 2005.
The extraordinary hats are handmade near Florence, making each artifact unique in its own right. One of his most unusual manufacturing processes is burning the wool, which gives each model its own unique coloration.
His original collections look playful, minimalist and provocative at the same time. But Plank never loses sight of what is essential: the people for whom he creates. The central question is always how the individual deals with the concept of personal space: does the individual want to remain discreetly in the background or show himself rather extravagantly. Plank's craftsmanship, design and art are oriented to this.

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