Avant-garde Fashion Store by eigensinnig wien
Avant-garde Mode Store für High Fashion von eigensinnig wien




Avant-Garde Fashion Store und High Fashion in Vienna



The avant-garde fashion store of eigensinnig wien at Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz transcends the mere concept of shopping. It stands as an unique  space for individuals who appreciate the beauty and depth of avant-garde designer fashion.


As a hidden gem for shopping in Vienna, the designer store presents a unique selection of self-designed and crafted luxury fashion that captures the zeitgeist and transcends it. A visit promises an immersion into the world of high-end fashion, where each creation tells a story, transforming fashion into art.


Avant-Garde Fashion by eigensinnig wien - extraordinary and unique

Nestled in the picturesque Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz, at the heart of Vienna, lies a temple of designer fashion in black, unparalleled in its kind. eigensinnig wien, renowned for its avant-garde approach to high-end fashion, showcases designs that transcend boundaries and challenge conventional notions. The fashion store, an oasis for lovers of luxury fashion, celebrates individuality and artisanal excellence.






Latest avant-garde fashion styles


A shop of avant-garde aesthetics and high-end fashion

Enter eigensinnig wien and immerse yourself in a world where avant-garde fashion is a way of life. Each designer piece tells its own story, meticulously designed and presented in a space that serves simultaneously as a stage, gallery and showroom. It is this distinctive approach that makes eigensinnig wien the insider's secret in Vienna for high fashion.


Luxurious Fashion, tailored personally

eigensinnig wien distinguishes itself with an exclusive, in-house alteration and bespoke tailoring service that caters to individual desires. Whether adjustments or tailor-made suits, here high fashion becomes personal. The focus on natural materials like linen, cotton, alpaca, and silk underscores a commitment to quality and sustainability.


Vienna's Best-Kept Retail Secret

Not only for locals but also for visitors to Vienna, the store is considered a shopping insider's tip. Whether you're in search of something unique for everyday wear or an extraordinary piece for special occasions, eigensinnig wien offers an unparalleled selection of luxury fashion that is both timeless and innovative.


High End Fashion as a manifestation of personal style

At eigensinnig wien, it's about more than just clothing; it's about the expression of personality. The collections appeal to those who view fashion as a form of art and place importance on details. The love of craftsmanship and passion for extraordinary designs make every visit an unforgettable experience.

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