"Is there a life after Christmas?"

„Gibt es ein Leben nach Weihnachten?“






"Is there a life after Christimas?" The goose asked the priest.

 And the Christmas dilemma is an annual challenge



It's December and of course everything has to be ready. Hallelujah. This month is full of deadlines and projects that need to be completed; meeting friends that we didn't have time for in the months from January to November; going to countless Christmas parties for which we couldn't think of a good reason to cancel; in between devouring sweet punch so that we can digest the last business meetings that got stuck in our throats.

It's cold as hell, strolling along the shopping streets means rushing. And getting out of breath. Don't you feel the same way?  Anyone who walks slower than you is an idiot. And every person who walks faster is crazy. Everyone is tired, every second person is suffering from one of these many viruses, while every third person's red nose is reminiscent of Rudolph. And then there's the rest of everyday life to deal with.






Everything has to be squeezed into these weeks somehow, and every few minutes we think to ourselves: "Don't lose your nerves now." Fortunately, there's a glimmer of light, even if it's just the red glowing battery status. The smartphone is on fire.


And then there is the problem of the gifts.






As Hartmut Rosa aptly put it: We are all facing "temporal insolvency". Or to put it more humorously in this "contemplative" time:



When the silent time is over, then it will be quieter again.

- Karl Valentin






Obstinate gifts for women and men at eigensinnig wien





If that's how you feel, dear readers, you're probably doing something wrong. To be honest, so are we. We feel the same way. The same thing every year. And from somewhere, "Last Christmas" is already blaring from the speakers.



How are we ever going to get out of this? Simply by uniting the three major world religions? Christianity has Sunday, Judaism has Saturday and Islam has Friday. Jackpot: 3-day weekend. Christmas, Hanukkah and Ramadan are best combined as well. Atheists: Go sledding with the running board.


On that note: stay relaxed. Because Christmas only comes once a year. But that's enough.