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Exclusive Oversize Outfits for Women

Dive into the world of avant-garde oversize styles for women. A fusion of elegance, comfort, and personal expression. We showcase an exclusive collection of handcrafted baggy clothes. Tailored for women who seek the exceptional and cherish unique clothing crafted with sophistication.


Our collections span from oversized t-shirts to elegant black oversized shirts and exquisite oversized sweaters. Whether your taste leans towards the urban chic of a refined baggy pants or the ageless grace of a billowing women's oversized suit.

Here avant-garde fashion converges with extraordinary layered designs. The harmonious blend of supple, flowing fabrics and masterful tailoring renders each oversized blazer or coat a signature piece.

Our baggy clothes are more than a style statement. They are an invitation to aesthetic evolution. Perfect for women of all sizes, it celebrates the allure of diversity. Explore our singular pieces in the online store or pay a visit to our shop at eigensinnig wien.









Exclusive Oversized Clothing for Women at eigensinnig wien

What does Oversize mean?

Oversized clothes represent the epitome of comfortable, loose clothing. It embodies a style that is intentionally too large, too broad, and too lengthy.

The oversized look transcends a mere trend. It's an expressive form blending individuality, comfort, and a distinctive aesthetic sensibility. Oversized clothing for women transcends mere size, reflecting a philosophy of well-being.





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Where does the Oversize Style come from?

Beyond an XXL trend, the oversized style is a fashion phenomenon enriched by history, weaving into wardrobes since the 1920s. Following World War I, there was a yearning for liberation, mirrored in apparel.

Women favored freedom of movement over constricting corsets and rigid outfits. The ultra-oversized fashion was born, where loose, spacious, and baggy clothes symbolized emancipation.

The chic oversized fashion commenced with fluid lines and cuts intentionally fashioned too big, too broad, and too long. Casual, sporty, elegant, and unconventional—these years established the groundwork for the oversized look and the layered style, thriving in avant-garde fashion to this day.



The Evolution of the Oversize Looks

Through the decades, the oversized trend has transformed and been reimagined time and again. In the '80s, for instance, oversized blazer outfits gained prominence. The principles of well-being, comfort, and uniqueness became the essence of women's oversized fashion.



The Timeless Expression: Oversize Today

Oversize in Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Without trend, timeless, perpetually stylish, comfortable and fitting. The oversized style is a constant in fashion. The layering looks, where various pieces with an oversized cut assemble to fashion XL pieces and layered styles, stands particularly appealing. The oversized aesthetics thrive in any weather and any season.



Layering look and oversize style for women in obstinate vienna



The Avant-Garde Fashion and the Layering Look

Modern avant-garde fashion, with its asymmetrical and extraordinary cuts, offers the perfect platform for the layering look.

The color black is closely intertwined with avant-garde fashion. From elegant, wide outfits to ultra-oversized style, baggy women's clothing forms a part of the avant-garde look. Whether it's an oversized blazer outfit or a subtle layering ensemble, the oversized look remains a statement in the fashion world of eigensinnig wien.



"eigensinnig wien": A Symbol of Oversized Elegance

Exclusive and High-Quality Oversize Clothing

For over a decade, "eigensinnig wien" has stood for exclusive and high-quality oversized clothing for women. With a color palette that mainly encompasses elegant or extravagant black, the fashion label offers surprising and unique women's fashion. They embody the avant-garde baggy style.

Especially in women's pants, the oversized look is most pronounced. Harem pants, women's drop crotch pants, and other oversized trousers have become integral to avant-garde fashion.


The Oversize Shop of "eigensinnig wien"

The experience that "eigensinnig wien" offers goes beyond mere shopping. It's a journey into the world of avant-garde style, oversized and baggy ooks, and quality.

Discover the world of "eigensinnig wien" now. Visit our flagship store in Vienna or shop in our online store.




Oversize shop for women in obstinate vienna. Oversized boutique




Women's Oversized Sweaters - a Symbol of Elegance and Comfort

eigensinnig wien presents its exclusive collection of oversized sweaters for women, blending avant-garde style with uncompromising quality. Crafted from premium natural materials such as cashmere, wool, linen, and cotton, this women's fashion offers more than just warmth. It provides an aesthetic experience that elevates the oversized look to a new level.




Oversized sweaters for women in obstinate vienna




Design and Quality: the Loose Sweaters

The oversized knit sweaters for women by eigensinnig wien are a symbol of relaxed and loose clothing, a premium definition of the oversized style.

They are intentionally too big, and yet perfectly proportioned. Always creating a surprisingly elegant silhouette. Each baggy sweater is crafted with exceptional cuts and intricate details, evoking a bohemian look.



Styling Tips: Combine your Oversize Sweater

The oversized pullovers from eigensinnig wien can be wonderfully paired with other garments to emphasize your individual style. Here are some styling tips:

  1. Layering Look: Wear the oversized sweater over a form-fitting turtleneck or blouse for a sophisticated layered appearance.
  2. With Harem Pants and Oversized Blazer: For an elegant yet relaxed look, pair the sweater with an oversized blazer and women's oversized trousers in the harem pants style.
  3. Sporty-Elegant with Slim-Fit Jeans: For a casual appearance, wear your oversized sweater with slim-fit jeans. Add a hand-forged buckle leather belt from Tagliovivo to accentuate the waist slightly.
  4. With Skirts or Dresses: Combine the sweater with a skirt or oversized dress for a feminine yet stylish look. Accessories like statement necklaces or earrings can complete the outfit.


This exclusive collection of oversized sweaters for women embodies the spirit of eigensinnig wien. Always comfortable, always suitable, always stylish. Whether you choose the layered look, sporty-elegant look, or avant-garde appearance, you will always make a statement with our oversized sweaters.




Women's Oversize and Baggy Pants

The oversized pants from eigensinnig wien are much more than mere clothing. Instead, they represent an expression of an exclusive lifestyle. High-quality, elegant, extravagant - these terms define the avant-garde oversized pants, available in various cuts and styles. Here, design and handcrafted quality unite to create something exceptional and luxurious.



Oversize pants for women in obstinate vienna




Different Cuts for Oversize and Baggy Pants

  1. Women's Harem Pants: Symbolizing freedom and elegance with their loose fit and voluminous shapes, these pants offer additional freedom through an elastic waistband. Designed in Vienna and crafted from the finest natural materials, they embody the luxury of the oversized style.
  2. The Women's Baggy Pants: These pants exemplify the casual baggy clothes style, offering a comfortable yet stylish option in black or shades of grey. Ideal for both a casual look and a more refined avant-garde style.
  3. Sarouel Pants: Highlighting individuality with room for creative expression, these special pants are ideal for those seeking something extraordinary, fusing avant-garde fashion with elegance.
  4. Exclusive Marlene Pants: A timeless classic marrying elegance with comfort, these women's wide-leg pants are suitable for business and casual settings alike.
  5. Extravagant Palazzo Pants: Representing style and class, these trousers encourage experimentation with different looks, standing as a testament to exclusive designer fashion.
  6. Designer Drop Crotch Pants for Women: Modern and innovative, these pants epitomize the avant-garde style, capturing the essence of unconventional fashion.
  7. High-Quality, Classic Wide-Leg Women's Pants: Uniting minimalism and elegance, these trousers are an essential addition to any wardrobe.



Colors and Materials for Women's Oversize Pants

The color palette, ranging from black to various shades of grey, accentuates the elegance of these remarkable oversized pants. The incorporation of exquisite natural materials not only underlines the exclusive character but also ensures a comfortable and loose fit.



How to Style Baggy Pants?

Oversized pants offer versatile combinations. Pair them with a simple T-shirt for a casual appearance or a classy top for an evening out. The possibilities are limitless. For a layered appearance, try them with an oversized blazer or an oversized coat.




Oversized Black Blazer and Baggy Jackets for Women



Oversize blazers and jackets in obstinate vienna




Oversized jackets are more than just fashion statements; they symbolize elegance, sophistication, and timeless design. Embodying the fashion philosophy of eigensinnig wien, these pieces are integral to avant-garde fashion. The eigensinnig wien collection unites these elements, offering an impressive selection of exclusive and high-quality oversized jackets and blazers for women.

  1. Oversize Women's Blazer: The black oversized blazer is a classic, lending every outfit a touch of class. Whether paired casually or elegantly, this women's blazer signifies exclusive fashion and always delivers a chic appearance.
  2. Oversized Shacket: Providing the perfect blend of a relaxed shirt and a smart jacket, this piece is a symbol of unconventional style, surprising with its unique silhouette. It can be worn either as a relaxed shirt or as a jacket over an oversized sweater.
  3. Oversized Winter Jacket: Warm, comfortable, yet incredibly stylish, the oversized winter jacket for women incorporates all the attributes needed for a trendy baggy jacket in winter.
  4. Oversize Summer Blazers: These light and airy blazers are perfect for summer, personifying the timeless oversized trend while remaining comfortable and appropriate.



Seasonal Trends and Materials for Oversized Blazers

eigensinnig wien's baggy jackets and oversized blazers are not merely fashionable; they're perennially stylish. Suitable for spring, summer, autumn, or winter, these pieces are crafted from natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, or silk. Ensuring the collection adapts to seasonal demands while retaining quality and exclusivity.



Occasion-Related Recommendations for Oversize Blazers

  • Business Outfit: Pair an oversized black blazer with elegant pants for a look that's professional yet fashionable. Choose from slim fit women's chinos to wide harem pants, depending on personal style.
  • Casual Oversize Outfit: Ideal for relaxed days, the oversized blazer can be flawlessly matched with jeans or Marlene pants.
  • Evening Wear: An exclusive oversized blazer, possibly in conjunction with a layering outfit, creates a striking and elegant appearance for special occasions.

Whether you seek something casual, sporty-elegant, edgy, or refined. eigensinnig wien has oversized blazers and elegant baggy jackets tailored to your individual needs.




Exclusive Oversized Shirt for Women



Black oversize outfit with oversize blouse for women




The art of oversize fashion is most striking in the realm of women's shirts. At eigensinnig wien, you'll find an exclusive selection of women's shirts, ranging from the unconventional to the elegantly extravagant.



Women's Casual Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts in a casual look embody the freedom of the non-traditional. Their loose silhouettes invite you to feel relaxed and carefree, while high-quality natural materials like linen, cashmere, and silk ensure comfort.

The casual appearance of these unique women's shirts can be perfectly paired with harem pants or elegant Marlene trousers, creating a laid-back yet fashionable ensemble.



Elegant Oversized Shirts

On the other end of the spectrum, the avant-garde oversized style showcases a selection of elegant shirts. These pieces stand out with their unconventional cuts and exclusive materials such as cotton and linen.

The deliberate loose fit and the luxurious fabrics of the muslin oversized shirts enable a variety of occasion-specific combinations, from business meetings to celebratory events. They radiate a form of elegance that is not flashy but rather subtle and sophisticated.




Long, black oversize blouse in obstinate vienna




Oversized Shirt for Women: Sporty to Formal

The oversized shirts for women at eigensinnig wien are more than just a fashion statement. They are an expression of personal freedom and individual taste.

Whether for a casual everyday look or a formal occasion, our shirts offer a comprehensive range that blurs the lines between sporty-casual and elegant-formal.

These oversized shirts, crafted from fine materials such as linen, silk, and cotton, meld comfort with high quality. The loose fit provides freedom of movement, while the carefully considered cuts and thoughtful details grant an unmistakable character.

The oversized shirt for women can be paired with a variety of other clothing items, from oversized pants to oversized t-shirts. With the right shoes, be it sporty sneakers or elegant boots, every outfit becomes an expression of your unique style.



Oversized Shirts for Women - The Subtlety of Style

Oversized shirts for women are available at eigensinnig wien in a variety that caters to the taste of every woman.

The cuts are soft and flowing, the fabrics are composed of exquisite natural materials, and the designs range from subtle and sophisticated to bold and avant-garde style.

These shirts are a symbol of elegance that doesn’t shout but whispers softly. They encapsulate the spirit of modernity without losing their timeless essence. They are versatile and suitable for outdoor wear, office attire, or formal occasions.

Paired with the right accessories - an exclusive leather bag or a chic belt - the oversized shirts transform everyday life into a fashionable experience. They represent not just a choice in clothing but a choice in style, quality, and individuality.

The ensemble of oversized shirts at eigensinnig wien is more than a collection - it is an invitation to explore and celebrate yourself through fashion. It's the freedom to express yourself and the understanding that style knows no boundaries.

It's the affirmation that fashion and personality walk hand in hand, and that each piece is more than a garment - it's a part of you.



Oversized Dress - Loose Flowy Tunic Dresses


Black oversize dress made of silk in idiosyncratic vienna




In the fashion world, oversize dresses and tunic dresses represent an exclusive, avant-garde style that embodies the essence of eigensinnig wien. Our dresses are more than just a collection of garments. They invite you to immerse yourself in a world of elegance and unconventionality.



Exklusive Oversize Dresses

At eigensinnig wien, you'll find oversize dresses that offer a new definition of beauty.

With broad cuts and a deliberately loose fit, these dresses allow a feeling of freedom and elegance. The color palette often focuses on classic black, which accentuates the unconventional side of the design with its extravagance.

The selected natural materials like silk and linen give the garments a luxurious and comfortable feel. Each dress is a statement in itself. Be it a maxi dress with a drop waist for a flattering silhouette or an asymmetrical dress that conveys movement and dynamism, these dresses are not only wearable in every season but also embody the zeitgeist of cuts that are fashionable year-round.



Women's Tunic Dresses

The tunic dresses from eigensinnig wien are another highlight of oversize fashion for women. These pieces pay homage to the comfortable yet fashionable way of dressing.




Wide tunic in avant-garde oversize style in obstinate vienna



The layering look is particularly effective here, as the tunic dresses can be combined with other oversize pieces. From harem pants to oversized blazers, the tunics serve as the ideal foundation for the layered outfit.

With details such as a stand-up collar, oversized shoulders, or deep side slits, these tunics stand out from the usual fashion. The elegance of the cut allows you to create both casual and business looks.



Styling Tips for Oversize Dresses and Tunics

  • For the Business Look: Combine a women's tunic with elegant oversized pants and an oversized blazer. Accessories should be kept simple to focus on the unique silhouette.
  • For the Casual Style: Wear a tunic with relaxed baggy pants and sneakers for a casual yet chic look. The balance between comfort and style is key to mastering this appearance.
  • For the Avant-Garde Style: Experiment with layers, textures, and shapes. A tunic dress with an oversized winter coat and harem pants can create an aesthetic, unconventional look. Don't be afraid to mix and match different materials and structures for a truly unique expression of your personal style.




Oversized Coats for Women



Black oversize coat for women in obstinate vienna




Our women's oversized coats are a cultural expression that blends comfort, elegance, and avant-garde style.

Oversized coats are more than just garments; they're symbols of an innovative approach to fashion. They signify the women's baggy look that maintains a stylish and comfortable stance in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Whether you're in search of a short or long oversized coat, the potential combinations are limitless, and the oversized aesthetic always falls between elegant and extravagant.



The Oversized Wool Coat for Women

The oversized black wool coat for women: Our winter collection features exclusive and high-quality oversized coats in black. Long coats, warm materials, and liberal cuts define this season's elegant and extravagant oversized look. These wool coats symbolize more than just to keep you warm. They're a statement piece for the aesthetics of width and length.




Oversize wool coat for women in obstinate vienna




Materials: Utilizing an intentional selection of exclusive natural fabrics such as wool, mohaire and cashmere, the collection stays loyal to quality and sustainability's values while providing unparalleled comfort and warmth during cold days and nights.

Styling: The oversized winter coat for women pairs beautifully with other oversized garments, such as oversized sweaters. Whether teamed with baggy pants, drop crotch pants, or a chic oversized blazer, the oversized layered look enhances your style.



Exclusive Oversized Coats for Spring and Summer -  From Linen and Silk

The oversized summer coat: The summer collection embodies lightness and nonchalance. Using exquisite natural materials like linen and silk in coat design creates a sensory experience that's both visually and tactilely invigorating.

The loose, broad cut doesn't only encapsulate the aesthetic essence of the summer breeze. The lightweight summer materials like linen, silk, and cotton also endow the wearer with a sensation of airiness and freedom. Capture the summer spirit with the oversized coat.




Black oversize suit for women in obstinate vienna



Here, black remains the dominant color, complemented by various shades of grey, reflecting the timeless elegance of avant-garde oversized style. The shapes vary from sporty-elegant to extravagant, surprising with unique silhouettes and cuts.



Styling the Women's Oversize Coat for Plus-Size and Other Shapes

In summer, the oversized look blends wonderfully with layered outfits. Light oversized shirts, Marlene trousers, and elegant accessories complete the look, making it both unconventional and refreshing.

The oversized coats' specialty is their versatility. They flatter every figure and offer numerous combinations:

  • For Small Women: the oversized coat isn't exclusive to tall women. With the right cut and pairing, such as with an oversized dress, every woman can achieve an unique style.
  • For Plus-Size Women: the generous cuts provide room for femininity and elegance without compromising comfort.



The Oversized Women's Coat - Highlight of Every Wardrobe

Oversized coats from eigensinnig wien are more than mere clothing. They're a manifesto for individuality, quality, and timeless beauty. Always comfortable, always fitting, these coats represent our oversized style, for over a decade.

Oversized coats are a fashion statement that's deliberately too big, too broad, and too long. Yet, they're also a tribute to avant-garde fashion, heralding a new type of elegance.




Black Oversize Suits for Women - Avant-Garde Style

Oversized pantsuits for women are the centerpiece of our collections.

With our women's oversize fashion, we showcase a style that's perfectly tailored to unique and unconventional outfits. We combine elegance and comfort in a one-of-a-kind way.

At our store, the women's oversized suits hold a special place, as it manifests itself as an expression of personality and individual style. Discover the perfect blend of fashion-forward design and luxurious comfort with our exclusive selection of black oversized suits for women, embodying the avant-garde style that sets us apart.




Oversize suit for women in obstinate vienna




The Oversize Suit for Women - A Fusion of Comfort and Extravagance

Our oversized suits for women are defined by their relaxed, expansive cuts. Consequently, they manifest themselves in shapes that infuse the space with a distinctive flair of extravagance. Complementary oversized pants like wide-leg harem pants, Marlene trousers, and drop crotch pants contribute to this aesthetic.

Dominating shades of black and various grays, coupled with natural, high-quality materials, underscore a sense of exclusivity and premium quality.

Read more about our Oversized Suits for Women




Styling the Women's Baggy Suit

With our oversized trouser suits, your styling options are limitless.

For a smart-casual appearance, pair the women's suit with sneakers. The elegant suit truly shines when matched with high heels or boots, while the avant-garde look can be achieved with black leather boots. These outfits provide both comfort and elegance, and the prevalent shades of black make experimenting with various widths and fits an effortless endeavor.



Exclusive Tailoring for Women's Oversized Suits

In the realm of avant-garde fashion, the tailored oversized suit stands as an unambiguous symbol of grace, individuality, and self-assurance. But what renders a tailored oversized suit so special? Why do numerous women view it as the ultimate expression of fashion mastery and individualism?



What Constitutes a Tailored Oversized Suit for Women?

A tailored suit merges craftsmanship with precision and style. At eigensinnig wien, we prioritize every cut, every seam. Each trouser suit is meticulously crafted in our own workshop in Vienna, resulting in unique pieces that distinguish themselves. Utilizing exclusive fabrics, predominantly in classic black, we create extraordinary women's suits.



Who Wears a Tailored Oversized Women's Suit?

Women who seek a tailored oversized women's suit treasure individuality and yearn for garments reflecting their personality. They are women bold enough to stand out, valuing uniqueness, expressing their distinctive character, and demonstrating that they need not conform to a trend.



Made to Measure: From Concept to a Tailored Suit

Our bespoke production process involves more than taking measurements.

It starts with an in-depth consultation centering on the customer's desires and ideas, followed by fabric selection, multiple fittings, and precise adjustments to ensure the suit fits perfectly and meets expectations.

We guide you toward your personalized oversized women's suit. The collaboration between designer, seamstress, and customer transforms your personality into attire, making each garment as exceptional as the individual who dons it.



Advantages of a Tailored Suit

For those donning a tailor-made oversized trouser suit, individuality is key.

  1. Uniqueness: In a tailored suit, you embody uniqueness. You have the assurance that no one else possesses the exact same outfit.
  2. Fit: The women's suit is tailored to perfection, accentuating the individual strengths of every figure.
  3. Quality: Utilizing only exclusive and high-grade materials from Europe, a tailored suit not only endures but also imparts a superior feel.
  4. Expression of Personality: A customized garment mirrors the singular style and taste of the person wearing it, reflecting their individuality.


The custom-made oversized suit from eigensinnig wien is more than just apparel. It's a symbol of individualism.

It's a melding of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, bestowing upon the wearer the essence and style she wishes to convey. The women's baggy suit from eigensinnig wien is a statement in style. Whether sporty, elegant, or avant-garde, the possibilities for self-expression and cultivating an individual style are boundless.

With our exclusive tailoring service and limited, rare collections, each oversized suit becomes irreplaceable. At eigensinnig wien, women discover extraordinary fashion, harmoniously blending elegance, extravagance, and exclusivity with timeless aesthetics in black, paired with choice materials.




High-Quality Oversized T-Shirts for Women

Oversized and loose fit T-Shirts are embedded in our core fashion philosophy and have become a timeless staple for style-conscious women.

Versatile and cozy, they stand as essential pieces that can reflect both elegance and a touch of rebellious casual flair. We offer an exclusive collection of oversized t-shirts that encompasses all facets of contemporary style and is crafted from top-tier materials like linen, silk, and cotton.




Black oversize t-shirt for women in obstinate vienna




Elegant and Unique Oversize Styles

Whether you're aiming for an elegant formal look or more casual, eigensinnig wien's selection has the perfect oversized T-shirt for every occasion. Discover wide, loose fit T-shirts ideal for the business or a refined evening, as well as distinctive designs that make a special statement.



Season-Appropriate Oversized T-Shirts

With an extensive range of T-shirts suitable for summer, autumn, and the transitional seasons, our collection exemplifies true diversity. From long to cropped versions, eigensinnig wien provides an opportunity to flaunt the oversized style throughout the entire year.



Materials that Set Us Apart

The essence of the collection lies in the employment of natural materials like linen, silk, and cotton. These fabrics bestow the T-shirts with a soft texture and luxurious yet comfortable feel.



Versatile Styling for Various Settings

Whether for outdoor activities or professional formal settings, eigensinnig wien's oversized T-shirts offer effortless compatibility. Paired with an oversized blazer and harem pants, a baggy T-shirt transforms into a celebratory ensemble. Teamed with jeans or shorts, it becomes casual while retaining style.

eigensinnig wien's collection of women's oversized t-shirts stands out for its diversity, quality, and fashion sensibility. The meticulous choice of materials, creative design, and adaptability to the unique needs and tastes of the modern woman demonstrate a profound understanding of fashion that transcends mere clothing.

Whether for leisure or formal attire, casual or elegant, these T-shirts offer a multifaceted way to express personal style while melding comfort with aesthetics.

Inviting you to explore and revel in your unique fashion sense with these remarkable pieces, eigensinnig wien delivers more than just clothing. It provides a philosophy of attire and identity.