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Discover the world of luxurious scarves. We dive into the exquisite textures of cashmere scarves, seductively silky shawls. Join us on our journey of elegance.


Autumn is the time for warm, cuddly scarves and shawls. The exclusive scarves by Faliero Sarti play a special role here. Not only do they make the cold season more bearable, they also make everyday life stylish.

Faliero Sarti, an Italian luxury scarf manufacturer, creates unique wool scarves that combine warmth and elegance in the autumn and winter months. Unusual designs, carefully selected materials and the craftsmanship of the Italian designer result in masterpieces that enrich every wardrobe.

A large scarf by Faliero Sarti is not just a warming accessory, but a statement for every outfit. Whether it's a fine cashmere scarf or a robustly woven wool scarf - each one exudes luxury and sophistication. An absolute must in cold weather, these scarves offer extra comfort that will withstand the harsh winter.

When the leaves begin to fall and the wind picks up, there's nothing quite like snuggling up in a soft wool scarf. The soft material nestles gently against the skin while the heat is locked underneath. It's a feeling of pure comfort that sees us through the cold days.

But these scarves aren't just functional. The designer scarves by Faliero Sarti are true works of art that give every outfit a special touch. They are more than just a warming piece of fabric. They are an expression of personal style and good taste.

When winter sets in, a cashmere scarf wraps you in luxurious warmth. The softness and warmth of cashmere are incomparable. And ensure that you feel comfortable even on the coldest days.

It is this combination of luxury, warmth and Italian design that makes Faliero Sarti scarves so special. They are much more than just a winter accessory. They are a symbol of style and sophistication, guiding us through the cold season. Discover the Faliero Sarti collection and experience the incomparable comfort of a luxurious Italian scarf for yourself.




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Exquisite pashmina scarves and luxurious silk scarves for women and men


The tradition of meticulous craftsmanship and a keen sense of aesthetics were deeply ingrained in Sarti from his formative years. Immersed in an environment where the creation of beautiful things was a family affair, Sarti soon discovered his passion for textiles. His love for the craft was deeply ingrained and it was only a matter of time before he joined his father's business.

With his innate sense of style and an understanding of the textile industry, Sarti took the reins of the company in the 1980s, determined to uphold the family's tradition of excellence while carving his own path in the world of high fashion. Under his leadership, the company continued to thrive, achieving new heights and gaining international recognition.

His innovative ideas and eye for detail played a significant role in the brand's success. Faliero Sarti became synonymous with luxury scarves and shawls that exemplified Italian craftsmanship and design.

The foundation of the Faliero Sarti brand lies in the use of high-quality fabrics, such as cashmere, silk, and wool, that are masterfully woven to create luxurious pieces. Sarti's vision goes beyond just creating scarves and shawls; he believes in creating pieces of art. His designs often showcase intricate patterns and prints, which are then transformed into beautiful wearable items.

Each piece from the Faliero Sarti collection reflects a commitment to quality, style, and elegance, which Sarti inherited from his father and has now passed on to his own creations. Whether it's a soft cashmere scarf for the chilly winters or a lightweight silk shawl for the warmer months, each piece tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and Italian design.

For over three decades, Faliero Sarti has continued to create timeless pieces that not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit. His commitment to quality and innovation has set the brand apart, making it a coveted name in the world of fashion accessories.




High-quality cashmere scarves for men with a modern design

Faliero Sarti learned textile technology and design in Prato and brought his knowledge to the family business. He took over his father's company in the 1980s. He brought in modern designs and techniques.

Faliero Sarti is known for its love of craftsmanship and quality. He is considered one of the best scarf manufacturers in the world. He uses high-quality natural materials such as silk, cashmere and wool for his scarves and shawls. These not only have a sophisticated design, but are particularly gentle on the skin.

The shawls for women and men have unique designs inspired by art, nature and architecture. They are available in many colors and patterns.

Sarti's unique approach to manufacturing ensures the quality and durability of its products while preserving traditional craftsmanship. The scarves and shawls are only made in Italy. The brand proudly supports local crafts and production.



Luxurious silk scarves for women with excellent quality


Esteemed for its exquisite offerings, Faliero Sarti is an internationally recognized brand, gracing the shelves of the world's most prestigious boutiques. The brand's reach and recognition have been amplified by notable collaborations with distinguished fashion houses and designers, including Donna Karan, Christian Lacroix, and John Galliano.

Yet, the scope of Faliero Sarti's vision surpasses the boundaries of mere product creation. At the heart of his ethos is a conviction that fashion and design can serve as transformative forces for the betterment of the world. Such a belief underscores the significance he places on sustainability within his operations.

In a world increasingly concerned with environmental preservation, Faliero Sarti stands out as a beacon of responsible luxury. By conscientiously employing eco-friendly materials and optimizing production processes for environmental sustainability, the brand strives to minimize its ecological footprint.

In essence, the narrative of Faliero Sarti is not confined to the realm of fashion alone. It is an intricate tapestry of superior craftsmanship, collaborative innovation, and a pioneering spirit in ecological stewardship - a testament to fashion's potential as an instrument of positive global change.




Light summer scarves like a modern work of art


Sarti upholds a deep-seated belief in the profound interplay between fashion and art. This perspective frequently directs his gaze towards art and nature as prolific wellsprings of inspiration for his designs. Further extending this artistic alliance, Sarti has frequently partnered with various artists to craft limited edition scarves and shawls, thus illustrating the symbiotic benefits that can emerge from collaborations between the worlds of fashion and art.

Nevertheless, Sarti's passion is not restricted to the realms of fashion, craftsmanship, and art alone. A benevolent spirit underscores his personal and professional journey, as evidenced by his commitment to numerous charitable causes. He fervently supports organizations dedicated to cancer research and treatment, including the Italian Association for Cancer Research and the Fondazione Veronesi.

His dedication to these altruistic endeavors not only reflects the depth of his compassion but also reinforces the multifaceted role of his brand – a blend of art, fashion, sustainability, and philanthropy – in shaping a more hopeful and vibrant world.




Elegant silk scarf for women in a timeless design


Despite his illustrious success and recognition, Faliero Sarti remains deeply anchored in the values and craftsmanship instilled by his family heritage. He has not only preserved his father's artisanship but has also propelled the brand to new heights. The products stand as emblems of Italian craftsmanship, epitomizing quality, sophisticated design, and a timeless sense of style.

In a landscape dominated by fleeting trends and mass production, Faliero Sarti's work offers a refreshing, innovative perspective within the fashion industry. His creations are not merely luxurious and high-quality, they embody sustainability and timelessness. Sarti's unique vision of melding fashion and art is inspiring, casting a transformative light on fashion as being far more than mere apparel.

Faliero Sarti has rightfully earned his repute as a paramount scarf producer, cherished by individuals seeking quality, timeless accessories. His passion, dedication, and reverence for tradition ensure his legacy will resonate in the annals of fashion history.

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