Cool summer men's suit and linen suits

Der unkonventionelle und hochwertige Sommeranzug für Herren im eigensinnig wien



About exceptional designer summer suits for men. Made of high-quality materials such as linen, cotton or silk. Especially in black.

Strolling through the city in the evening, going for a drink and watching the sun ball down, making an impression at a summer party. In situations like these, the light summer suit is the ideal menswear choice.

The article below is dedicated to the men's summer suit and unique summer outfits. You will find answers to questions such as: Why is it good to wear black clothes in summer? What materials are suitable for the summer suit? How can it be combined? Can it also be worn with shorts? Join us on a little journey into summer ambiences.

Discover men's designer summer suits and linen suits here.




When do you wear a suit in summer?

We believe that you don't need a specific reason to wear a men's suit in summer. Festive occasions and celebrations are of course ideal for wearing the summer suit. Such as weddings, corporate parties or beach parties.



The summer suit for men made of cotton in obstinate vienna


Or fine dinners. Or cocktails in the summery evening. You should also have your summer suit with you on summer vacation. Depending on how you combine it, it looks either classy and festive or sporty-casual, casual and cool.

You can wear the summer suit for official and festive occasions with a classic shirt and fine shoes, but in your free time it can also be combined with sneakers and T-shirts. Or barefoot and rolled up, if you're walking along a sandy beach, your jacket thrown loosely over your shoulder, a light linen shirt as a top.

Either way, the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it. And your 'Eigensinn' comes into its own. Because that's what we at eigensinnig wien are all about. Making the wearer's obstinacy visible through what they wear. In a subtle or extravagant way, in a casual or festive style. And always unconventional, extraordinary and special.




Why is it good to wear black in summer?

Why should one wear black or at least dark and long clothes like the desert people do? Black absorbs the sun and protects against UV radiation better than light-colored or white clothing.



Why is it good to wear black in summer?



Clothing with long sleeves and legs also ensures that the heat is not absorbed by the skin. Black heats up in the sun, but at the same time accelerates the body's cooling process, i.e. sweating.

Black clothing in summer is therefore protection and enables the body to better regulate its temperature.


Breathable natural fibers such as cotton, linen or silk are particularly suitable materials for men's summer suits.


Synthetic fibers cause heat to build up underneath.

At eigensinnig wien, we primarily stock black clothing made from high-quality materials. Black is our favorite color because it stands for self-confidence, sovereignty and elegance. It is subtle and timeless, at the same time individual and universal.

It is the color of avant-garde fashion, existentialists, intellectuals and creatives. It brings out the obstinacy of the wearer because the color itself is subtly restrained.




The linen suit for men in summer

Linen has a cooling effect in summer. It is a light, airy and natural fabric that adapts to the wearer. The linen suit is therefore a particularly popular and cool outfit for men in summer.



The high-quality linen suit for men in obstinate vienna



Our linen suits are handcrafted from premium Belgian linen or easily wrinkled ramie linen and feature special details that create an edgy look. You feel like freedom and lightness. After long summer nights when time seems to stand still.





The cotton suit for men in summer

The high-quality, lightweight cotton we use in our men's cotton suits is lightweight and breathable.



The cotton suit for men in obstinate vienna



Our avant-garde jackets and designer jackets made of pure cotton are either sporty-elegant, casual, classic or extravagant. They are enriched with 'eigensinnig' details such as asymmetric seams, unconventionally placed pockets or slightly offset buttons, giving avant-garde fashion something unique.

The pants for the cotton suit come with wide and low crotch or classic. Depending on what you combine them with, they look casual or elegant. For the modern dandy, bohemian or free spirit that might be in you.




The suit with short pants for men in summer

Of course, shorts are also allowed with summer suits. On hot days you can also do without the jacket and instead just wear a waistcoat. Your summer outfit looks both classy and cool.



The men's suit with shorts in obstinate vienna


Our short designer pants for summer are particularly airy and light. Some have a loose fit with a dropped crotch. They are made from breathable natural fabrics such as high-quality linen or light cotton.




The silk suit for men in summer

Silk is the lightest fabric you can wear in summer. A men's silk suit flatters the skin and at the same time feels like nothing. Combined with a linen hat and designer sunglasses, you are sure to make an impression.



The silk suit for men for the summer in obstinate vienna



As an unconventional alternative to silk suits, we also recommend our black silk jumpsuits for men. Airy overalls in an elegant design and with a low crotch for plenty of freedom of movement. An even more fancy summer outfit, in which you cause a stir in a good sense.




The oversize suit for men in summer


The oversize suit for men in the summer in obstinate vienna



The oversize look has many advantages in summer. This casual summer look not only looks good, but also allows air to circulate for a cooling effect.

Our oversize suits for men are with wide trousers and jackets that are made of light fabrics and leave plenty of room. Visit us in the fashion shop in Vienna or have a look at our online shop.

You will find outstanding harem pants and baggy pants as well as loose T-shirts and oversize shirts, which can be the basis for your oversize suit. We also have fitting jackets and jackets with a wide silhouette.




The summer suit for men in plus size

You can also buy plus size men's clothing in our fashion boutique in Vienna. We also make custom-made summer suits in big sizes. Come by and let us advise you. Our master tailors handcraft your avant-garde suit step by step and make sure that it fits perfectly.



The summer suit for men in large sizes in obstinate vienna



We only use the highest quality materials for our plus size suits for men. Light cotton, thin linen, airy silk. Fabrics that are good for summer and look good.

Tailor-made suits for the summer that emphasize your personality and your 'Eigensinn'