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Black outfits for women

All black capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe, that's a nice combination of words. It comes from London in the 1970s, when Susie Faux, a shopkeeper, realized something. Namely, it's not about piling up clothes in an uncoordinated manner, but rather putting your wardrobe together so that it contains a few key pieces.

Essentials that can be combined with each other, always work and are not subject to trends. Avant-garde fashion, in other words. Fashion that you can wear to the office as well as to weddings, to the theater or on the couch on Sunday mornings. Long-lasting must-haves that give you a good, warm feeling when you pull them out of the box, even years later. Maybe even a kind of love. At least one of those feelings that you think is worth living for.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last,” is how Vivienne Westwood summarized the principle.

There is disagreement about the perfect number of items in a capsule wardrobe. It ranges from 7 to 37 per season, of course everyone has to decide for themselves.



Black women's fashion in the stubborn Vienna online shop and fashion store

The all black fashion store by eigensinnig wien in Vienna


Avant-gardists often prefer black, the all-black look, as the dominant color. Black is a chameleon without colors and is therefore ideal for the capsule wardrobe. You have a few pieces, but they always look different. You add together, leave out and add one or another accessory. You practice fashion equations that have little to do with mathematics. And of course it keeps getting better at it. That's what practicing is all about.

If you really want to tackle the capsule wardrobe project or it's time for new key pieces, you've come to the right place. We'll introduce you to seven unique, combination-friendly essentials and tell you what we pay particular attention to when creating them.



About the importance of the fabrics

Every individual piece of clothing is something very unique, special and represents the principles of dark avant-garde fashion. Nevertheless, we adhere to certain rules that are derived from our values. On the one hand, this concerns the material. We work with natural and high-quality fabrics such as Belgian linen, cotton, silk, wool and leather. Materials that are cooling in summer and warming in winter.

Chameleon-like fabrics that adapt to the wearer and their needs while still standing entirely on their own. The feel is also important. They should feel good. Soft, flowing or interestingly structured. So that you would like to go to bed with it on. So that you look forward to getting dressed, maybe even turn it into a little ritual. Rituals are important in uncertain times like these.



About "eigensinnig" fashion designs and cuts


Refined designs in women's fashion in the eigensucht wien online shop


What else sets our garments apart? Refined cuts and unconventional designs. The spectrum is large. On the one hand we have Japan-inspired oversize designs, on the other there are body-hugging slim fit creations. We have slim and wide-leg trousers, with low and regular crotch, as well as low-waisted and high-rise trousers. We have individual pieces and ensembles, unconventional pieces and classically elegant, minimalist and extravagant ones. Many of our pieces are gender neutral, gender fluid. They are all changeable. That's why they fit so well into a capsule wardrobe for all black outfits.

Discover black designer clothes for women here.



Below are seven suggestions for inspiration.



1. Black dresses


The black dress in the stubborn wien online shop



The “little black dress” is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever. Coco Chanel invented it in the 1920s. Audrey Hepburn wore it more stylishly than anyone before in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. When it comes to little black dresses, people often think of Princess Diana in her revenge dress. It has been there for almost 100 years.

The classic cut black dress is a must-have for the capsule wardrobe. It is like a “black canvas” that can be played on. It can be combined with a variety of accessories, depending on the occasion. It fits into everyday life as well as special occasions. You can wear it as a cocktail dress, a party dress or an evening gown. The little black dress is also perfect for a break in style. For example, with lace-up boots, which creates a modern grunge attitude. An absolute fashion classic for an all black outfit.



2. Black pants for women

The black trousers for women as part of the capsule wardrobe in the eigennicht wien online shop



The black pants for women are similarly versatile. There are many variations of it. The classic black pants come with a straight leg and pleats. Or as wide Marlene trousers, also known as palazzo trousers. Things get more unconventional with women's harem pants, which are characterized by a deep crotch.

Harem pants originally come from the Orient and has a history going back centuries. We have pants with wide legs and others with slim fit legs. The women's black pants are sporty and casual as slim chinos, baggy pants or jogging pants. And then there are also the black shorts, which can be worn not only in summer but also in the cold season. And combined in many different ways. With a blazer it becomes an elegant ensemble, with a T-shirt it becomes a casual all black outfit in summer.



3. Black coat for women

Black women's coat in the stubborn wien online shop


Another key piece for the capsule wardrobe is the black coat for women. Here again, countless possible combinations, countless variations. At eigensinnig wien from classic-elegant to sporty-casual to oversize black coats for women.

We have warm and light long coats as well as short, sporty ones with a hood. We think that black women coats also suit for an all black outfit in summer. And that they always convey self-confidence. In the sense of: Here I am.



4. The black shirts for women


The black blouse in the stubborn wien online shop


What the white shirt is for others, is the black shirt for us. The black shirt for women is at least as versatile. It can be worn with almost anything. With black pants and skirts, underneath black coats and jackets, above black T-shirts.

Of course, the fabric is also important here. At "eigensinnig wien" there are black shirts for women made of silk, linen, cotton or viscose. Flattering fabrics that give the wearer the feeling of being caressed. We have slim and loose shirts, ranging in style from classically elegant to extravagant. A black women's shirt for your all black outfit.



5. The black jumpsuit for women


Black jumpsuit in the stubborn wien online shop



Hardly any other piece of clothing has stood out as much in recent years as the black jumpsuit for women. It's not surprising since he's also a little chameleon in the black capsule wardrobe. Here too, there are countless possible combinations for all black outfits.

It's quick to put on, making it a good piece for everyday wear. It can also be worn as an elegant one-piece suit for festive occasions. A black jacket or coat often complements it harmoniously. He radiates a certain lightness, as if he doesn't take himself too seriously. If he had facial expressions, he would probably smile.



6. The black jacket for women


The black jacket for women in the stubborn wien online shop



Another item that belongs in a black capsule wardrobe is the black jacket for women. An essential piece in an all black outfit for women. In the classic jacket, it is presented as a blazer with a shirt underneath, elegant pants and possibly high heels. If you like it more casual, wear a T-shirt or black top underneath and sneakers or sandals. And roll up your sleeves.

This is also a kind of statement, in the sense of: I'm helping. I like to move. I like being out in the world. The shacket is even more casual. Which always looks different depending on the accessories. Sometimes classic with a scarf and bag, sometimes more unconventional with sunglasses and a beanie.



7. Black cardigan for women

The little sister of the jacket is the black cardigan for women. It is the perfect companion for the winter and is always very uncomplicated. It's quickly thrown on and you can quickly slip into it and get some warmth. It looks casual with jeans and a T-shirt, or more elegant with a blouse, top or dress. A must-have in an all black outfit for women.

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Epilogue: Accessories, black handbags and black scarves for women


Black women's handbag in the stubborn Vienna online shop
Black scarf for women in the eigennicht wien online shop



A black capsule wardrobe thrives on accessories. They are like the spices in a dish, without them it gets a bit boring. In this respect, they are much more than just add-ons or additional items and accessories. At eigensinnig wien, we attach great importance to accessories. That's why you can find black scarves in the best fabrics from Faliero Sarti in our showroom. Made from soft, flowing, high-quality fabrics such as silk, cashmere, linen and wool.

You can find black hats from our own collection in collaboration with Mühlbauer Hats. Black leather bags from Tagliovivo made from the finest tanned leather and black sunglasses from Rigards can also be found in our store. Rare, elegant and unconventional pieces, handcrafted in traditional factories in small quantities.

Blackccessories are essentials for all black outfits for women. And that's what the capsule wardrobe is supposed to be about. About the essentials.

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