Designer Sonnenbrillen für Damen und Herren im eigensinnig wien

Designer sunglasses for women and men

What are the origins of sunglasses? What should you pay attention to with the glasses? And what are steampunk sunglasses? Read here what you should know about sunglasses in the dark avant-garde style.

Drop Crotch Pants für Herren und Damen

Drop Crotch Pants for Men and Women

What are Drop Crotch Pants? Where do they come from? Which variations of these unusual Drop Crotch Pants are available? Discover the many facets of the extraordinary Drop Crotch Pants at eigensinnig wien.
„Gibt es ein Leben nach Weihnachten?“

"Is there a life after Christmas?"

... the goose asked the priest. Every year the same stress! What was true last year is also true for this one. Just like our Christmas blog post. Have fun!
Edle Designer Ledertaschen für Damen und Herren im eigensinnig wien Showroom und Online Shop

Designer Leather Bags for Men and Women by Tagliovivo

From the bowling bag that becomes your faithful companion on unforgettable journeys. To the card holder that shelters your identity and stories like a timeless diary. Dive into a world with us where our leather bags transform into the art pieces of your daily life.
Hochwertige Ledergürtel für Damen und Herren im eigensinnig wien Showroom und Online Shop

Designer Belts from Leather for Men and Women by Tagliovivo

The leather belt. Far more than just a functional accessory that keeps the trousers in place. It's a symbol of strength, status, and style that has evolved across centuries and cultures. Dive into our handpicked collection at eigensinnig wien, where tradition meets modernity.
Oversize Anzug für Damen im Avantgarde Style

Oversized Suits for Women in Avant-garde Fashion

Discover modern and edgy suits for women with wide trousers and oversized blazers. Extravagant avant-garde fashion outfits for women from eigensinnig wien.
Oversize Outfits für Damen - Weite Kleidung im eigensinnig wien

Avant-garde Oversize Styles - Baggy Clothes for Women

Dive into the realm avant-garde oversize style for women. A fusion of elegance, comfort, and personal expression. We showcase an exclusive array of handcrafted baggy clothes. Tailored for women who seek the exceptional and cherish spacious clothing crafted with sophistication.
Die Designer Drop Crotch Pants für Herren im eigensinnig wien

Drop Crotch Pants at eigensinnig wien

Elegance, freedom, individuality – these are the guiding principles of eigensinnig wien's Drop Crotch Pants for men. Handcrafted art meets avant-garde fashion, unified in a designer pair of trousers that is more than just clothing. Explore a place where tailoring and finely nuanced aesthetics converge.
Haremshosen und Baggy Hosen für Herren im Herbst

Harem pants for men in autumn

Baggy pants, harem pants and harem jumpsuit. In this article we would like to bring you introduce you to three exceptional men's trousers. We also delve into the history of harem pants and baggy pants. And we'll show you how we love to intregrate these pants with our avant-garde fashion.


Ausgefallene Designer Jeans Outfits für Damen und Herren

Designer denim outfits for men and women

Jeans pants and jeans jackets. These signature pieces has truly shaken up the fashion world. They are seen as the most adaptable style items in contemporary fashion. Read how avant-garde fashion and jeans fit together and what kind of fashion we create.
Edle Schals von Faliero Sarti für Herbst und Winter im eigensinnig wien Online Shop

Faliero Sarti scarves and shawls for autumn and winter

The new Faliero Sarti wool and silk scarves for autumn and winter. In black and other colors for women and men seductively bewitch the senses. The soft cashmere scarves gently warms  and dress you stylishly for many occasions.
Ausgefallene Avantgarde Mode aus Seide für Damen im eigensinnig wien Online Shop

Silk clothing for women in avant-garde fashion

Luxurious designer clothes from high-quality silk fabrics is more than a mere fashion statement. It's a tangible expression of distinction, uniqueness, and exclusivity.

Außergewöhnliche Seidenkleidung für Damen im Sommer im eigensinnig wien Modegeschäft und Online Shop.

Silk clothing for women in summer

High quality women's clothing from finest silk fabrics. From silk dresses to silk tops, from fancy silk trousers to designer silk scarves from Faliero Sarti and more.
Sommerfest 2023 im eigensinnig wien am Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz

Our summer party 2023

A piece of Italian zest for life in the middle of Vienna. An evening full of encounters, deep conversations, emotions, and unique style.
Leinen: Das Naturmaterial für hochwertige Designermode für Damen

Linen clothes for women at eigensinnig wien

Linen: The natural fabric for high quality designer women's fashion. Why the obstinate woman can wear linen not only in summer but also in winter. And what extraordinary linen fashion we create in eigensinnig wien. And how linen is related to avant-garde fashion.