Designer sunglasses Luxurious and extraordinary sunglasses for women and men

Explore extraordinary sunglasses for women and men by eyewear designer Rigards.

What would summer be without a contemporary pair of sunglasses? Lend a particularly stylish touch to your summer look.

Our eyewear collection is an exclusive selection of extravagant glasses with Clip-On features, uniquely shaped lenses, and unconventional details.

Are you drawn to a remarkable Steampunk pair of glasses? Or do you prefer classic models, such as an Aviator style?

Rigards, the Red Dots Design Award winner, showcases in its sunglasses the fusion of modern, chic eyewear designs and timeless, artisanal perfection.

Rigards | RG1094 | Unkonventionelle Sonnenbrille aus Horn in schwarz Rigards | RG1094 | Unkonventionelle Sonnenbrille aus Horn in schwarz
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Designer Sunglasses by Rigards Eyewear for Women and Men

Welcome to Eigensinnig Wien, the avant-garde fashion label and Concept Store in Vienna's Neubau district. We are delighted to present the exclusive designer sunglasses by Rigards Eyewear, an accessory transcending mere functionality to become a work of art that accentuates your individuality and style.

Distinctive Women's and Men's Eyewear by Artist Ti Kwa

Inscribed in the sunglasses of this avant-garde label from Hong Kong is a unique aesthetic and tranquil elegance. These handcrafted masterpieces manifest both past and future into something enigmatic and mystical, seeming both ahead of its time and nostalgically reflecting bygone eras.

Natural and organically-inspired materials contribute to this aesthetic, intentionally maintaining a degree of mystery.

The designer sunglasses by Rigards Eyewear suit both women and men, each meticulously handcrafted to ensure supreme quality and style. Materials like horn, titanium, and aluminum make each piece lightweight, unique, and exceptional.

Exceptional Women's Sunglasses for Spring and Summer

Our selection of women's sunglasses is perfect for spring and summer, whether a round frame with Clip-On, classic Aviator glasses, or an extravagant piece with a triple nose bridge. Find an exclusive selection of unique sunglasses from this avant-garde Hong Kong label in the Eigensinnig Wien online shop.

Mirrored Sunglasses for Bold Women and Men

Among our mirrored sunglasses is the "Aviator Sunglass," a timeless classic that shields your eyes from harmful UV rays and offers a clear, crisp view. It complements every face shape and any audacious outfit.

Sunglasses with Clip-On by Rigards x Viridi Anne

One of our most exceptional sunglasses was created in collaboration between Rigards and Viridi Anne. Handcrafted from surgical steel with a 925 sterling silver nose bridge, this frame can have the clear lenses exchanged by opticians. The Clip-On with its dark grey lens, offering 100% UV protection, is reminiscent of freshly laid asphalt and urban summer heat.

Large Sunglasses for a Seaside Vacation

Glasses with large lenses perfectly protect the eyes from direct sunlight, making this model ideal for a sunny southern getaway. Whether lounging at the beach or the pool or making a fashionable statement, these sunglasses are the perfect choice.

Designer Sunglasses for Men with High Aesthetic Standards

Explore unconventional eyewear in the Eigensinnig Wien online shop that meets your elevated aesthetic demands. Handcrafted from high-quality, durable materials, our designer sunglasses can be worn by both audacious men and women.

Round Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

A pair with round lenses is perfect for those with heart-shaped or angular faces, softening pronounced features and adding an artistic flair, reminiscent of iconic individuals like John Lennon.

Aviator Glasses: A Timeless Classic

The Aviator glasses, a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion, come in various colors and are made from premium materials. We personally recommend the black Aviator glasses, paired with a daring ensemble from our Spring-Summer collection.

Stylish Sunglasses by Rigards x Detaj in Black

This strong-character round sunglasses by Rigards was designed in collaboration with Japanese avant-garde jewelry label Detaj. Harmoniously and innovatively uniting contrasts, these matte-black sunglasses are delicately handcrafted and treated with a natural patina, giving them an aged-yet-new appearance.

Frameless Sunglasses for Women

For women preferring a subtle look, our rimless sunglasses offer a sleek and minimalist design. Despite its delicate appearance, this model is robust and suitable for daily use.

Black Sunglasses for Women

A black pair remains a timeless classic, perfect for women who prefer a conventional look. Available in various designs, these sunglasses are the epitome of elegance.

Steampunk Sunglasses for Lovers of Raw Extravagance

This unique and extraordinary model is perfect for those with a penchant for raw extravagance. Meticulously handcrafted, these sunglasses assure the utmost quality and longevity.

Horn Sunglasses for Individualists

Handcrafted from genuine horn, this exceptional design is ideal for those seeking a unique appearance. The natural and warm tone of the brown frame complements various outfits, making it perfect for spring and summer.

Discover a wide range of extraordinary designer sunglasses for women and men at the Eigensinnig Wien online shop and Concept Store. Whether seeking elegant daily wear or a striking design for special occasions, Rigards Eyewear offers something for every taste and personality.

Explore our current collection and comfortably order your new sunglasses online with just a few clicks. We offer worldwide express delivery for your convenience.