Cutuli Puys Light women's top in linen/cotton white

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Loose women's top in a linen-cotton blend in white with pattern. Pure obstinacy for individualists.

The loose, white women's top with uneven, dark pattern is just perfect in its simplicity. A design kept simple convinces in combination with gently flowing material and the elegance of the not perfect. The linen-cotton blend used is simple basis for a graceful look born of unpretentiousness. Typical of the Italian designer are the fringes at the ends of the fabric, which cannot be overlooked. This insouciance creates a whole new, unfamiliar aesthetic that obstinately goes its own way.

From the V-neck to the unarticulated sleeves to the side corners, everything here is imperfectly-thought-out and serenely-elegant. Spring is allowed to let its naturalness and does not need imposed perfection. After all, in nature everything is good the way it is. The color blobs on the white background are as if by pure chance. The materials lie pleasantly and loosely on the skin. All other desires pass by and are transient. The beauty of wabi-sabi is special and simple.

BrandCutuli Cult
Color: white
Material: 60% linen, 40% cotton

eigensinnig wien presents: Extraordinary fashion by Cutuli, a traditional Italian manufacturer.

Calabrian designer Claudio Cutuli comes from an old family of dyers and weavers, so his designs combine traditional craftsmanship with unconventional ideas. The extraordinary aesthetics of the natural materials cotton and linen is shown in a noticeably coarse structure. The rather muted colors gently ground the striking, irregular patterns. In well-known wabi-sabi tradition, the deliberately frayed seams reflect the beauty of incomplete and imperfect things. All unique pieces have an artistic beauty, they gently cover, artfully veil or emphasize the obstinate character of the self-confident wearer.
The manufactory is based in picturesque Umbria and is run by Claudio Cutuli and his wife.



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