Cutuli Vieja Unusual summer scarf made of linen and cotton in grey

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Exceptional linen summer scarf in grey with white fringed trim. A great lightness for those who love exquisite fabrics.

The linen summer scarf with eye-catching white ends can do much more than usually cover the neck. Because the Italian designer Cutuli stands for the poetry of natural rawness, inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. In this scarf, this idea is expressed particularly clearly. The warm, grey color sets the tone here. Finishes on both sides in white with irregular fringes that break the monotony come into the picture. Obstinacy can be so different. Of course, the way to present it also depends on the particular wearing option. Here, nothing is impossible due to the generous size of this summer scarf.

Gauzy fabric
, always imperfectly openwork, can be creatively or simply hang over the back, cover the arms, warm the neck, embrace everything and nothing. On cool summer evenings, lightheartedness and transience are perceived even more intensely when the light wind plays with the deliberately imperfect fringes of the scarf. Of course, it can also protect from the sun or just look graceful.

Brand: Cutuli Cult
Color: grey
Material: 60% linen, 40% cotton

eigensinnig wien presents: Extraordinary fashion by Cutuli, a traditional Italian manufacturer.

Calabrian designer Claudio Cutuli comes from an old family of dyers and weavers, so his designs combine traditional craftsmanship with unconventional ideas. The extraordinary aesthetics of the natural materials cotton and linen is shown in a noticeably coarse structure. The rather muted colors gently ground the striking, irregular patterns. In well-known wabi-sabi tradition, the deliberately frayed seams reflect the beauty of incomplete and imperfect things. All unique pieces have an artistic beauty, they gently cover, artfully veil or emphasize the obstinate character of the self-confident wearer.
The manufactory is based in picturesque Umbria and is run by Claudio Cutuli and his wife.



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