Cydwoq Caliper-W Women leather boots with zip in black

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Unusual, low avant-garde women's boots made of vegan tanned cow leather. Pure individuality with organic walking feel for fall and winter.

The exceptional women's boots with zip from the shoe manufacturer Cydwoq are handmade from black, specially washed, vegan tanned cow leather. A material that shows natural irregularities that look organic and create that special wabi-sabi aesthetic. Time adds character to the already charismatic leather. One wayward detail is the stitching, which is deliberately curvy rather than straight. The shoes conform to the foot, so you almost feel like you're walking barefoot. The vibram sole is one of the best soles in the world. All this makes the leather boots an unconventional symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

Brand: Cydwoq
Material: 100% cow leather
Color: black
Size: custom fit

eigensinnig presents: Cydwoq, handmade shoes from California.

Behind the label, which pronounces itself "Sidewalk", is the designer Rafi Balouzian, who lives in the USA and comes from Armenia. He comes from a family of shoemakers with a long tradition. He created his brand out of his own need: to cover long distances comfortably on foot. His unique leather boots for men and women are handmade from Italian leather that matures over time like good wine, giving it depth and character. In the creations with the unique aesthetics, past and future, traditions and visions mix in a particularly idiosyncratic way.




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