Reinhard Plank Classico Special burnt wool cap black

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Unconventional cap made of burnt black-brown wool. Handmade rarity for obstinate heads of any gender.

This exceptional cap by hatmaker Reinhard Plank is made by hand. An unconventional detail is the slightly upward-curved peak, which provides necessary protection in wind and sun. The irregular colouring is striking, giving the headgear a subtle wabi-sabi note due to the material made of burnt wool. A work of art for obstinate heads who love something special.

Brand: Reinhard Plank
Material: 100% wool
Color: blackbrown

eigensinnig wien presents: Reinhard Plank 

Behind the avant-garde creations is South Tyrolean-born Reinhard Plank, who studied industrial design at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences and has been putting an unconventional finishing touch on headwear in his studio since 2005.
The unusual hats are handmade near Florence, so that each artefact is unique in itself. As soon as you hold a hat in your hands or wear it on your head for the very first time, you recognise the love and authenticity of its manufacture, which makes the character shine in a very special way.



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