eigensinnig wien Levinas Unconventional trousers with low crotch in anthracite

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Unconventional men's trousers with asymmetrical lines and puristic design made of finest linen-wool mix in anthracite. A sensual homage to the critical author and philosopher Levinas.

"Works of art are ill-gotten gains" - this is how the French-Lithuanian philosopher Emmanuel Levinas criticized aesthetics in his writings. The focus is on making visible what is most intrinsic to a person, which should take place in every encounter.

This is also reflected in our "Levinas" trousers, which with their slightly low crotch, provide a playful rigor when worn. The structured and flowing linen-wool fabric provides a pleasant looseness when worn. The offset trouser closure creates a pleat at the waistband and hips for a casual and comfortable fall of the trouser leg. The extraordinary model in the color anthracite has a diagonal button placket at the front and loops that allow it to be worn with various belts.

Individual gentlemen who want to dare to break with a straight-line aesthetic will also like the asymmetrical seam here, which runs diagonally below the waistband at the front and continues on the back above the back pocket. Rounding out the extravagant trousers for the stricter and cooler season are several side pockets and one on the buttocks.

Special features of men's trousers:

Slightly low crotch

Two side pockets
and one back pocket
diagonal button placket
with 2 front horn buttons
textured and finest linen-wool fabric
for autumn and winter
belt loops

In combination with the oversized shirt jacket 'Thoreau' or the avant-garde coat 'Comte', both made of the same material, a special ensemble for particular occasions is created.

Brand: eigensinnig wien
Material: 46% linen, 33% wool, 15% polyester, 5% polyamide
Color: anthracite
Fit: unconventional-elegant

eigensinnig wien: special avant-garde fashion for men and women.

Under our avant-garde fashion label eigensinnig wien, we manufacture unique fashion pieces for obstinate characters. We design our collections in an experimental process, enriching them with thoughts and ideas from the fields of philosophy, art and literature or drawing inspiration from philosophy, art and literature. That is why our trousers and jackets, blouses and dresses bear the names of philosophers, literary figures and sociologists. We work with materials from nature, which we like to combine in asymmetrical, avant-garde cuts. Our aesthetic is based on the Japanese wabi-sabi concept: “Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry.”



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