Neandertal Them Eau de Parfum 30ml

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Genderless, unconventional Eau De Parfum 'Them' by Neandertal mastermind Kentaro Yamada that stands for optimism and progress in times of uncertainty.

'them' is the olfactory counterpart to 'us', the latest Neandertal creation from London: on the one hand there is us ('us'), and on the other them ('them'). How we live with others in proximity and distance, how we define our identity in relation to others, and what lies ahead for the next generation in this respect are questions inscribed in both fragrances. Despite - or because of? - Despite - or because of? all the challenges of our time, 'them' is progressive and optimistic. It is an experimental, conceptual and unconventional fragrance that works with futuristic, clear molecules that meet transparent woods as well as fresh, floral nuances - in a handmade, transparent glass bottle unique. An olfactory solace for times like these.

Notes: Grapefruit, lavender, carrot seed, seaweed, iris; neroli, hinoki, magnolia; sandalwood, musk, amber et altri.

Brand: Neandertal
Quantity: 30ml

eigensinnig wien presents: Neandertal from London

There's not much left of the goldsmith roots of Kentaro Yamada, the fragrance designer behind Neandertal, in his olfactory compositions: the artist's flacons, which we discovered in a hidden green courtyard in the middle of the Marais in Paris thanks to a tip from our designer friend Daniel Andresen, look like small slate rocks. Kentaro is interested in "primordial creativity" - the kind of creativity that was essential for survival in primeval times, "a kind of creativity we cannot escape," as he puts it.



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