Neandertal Us Eau de Parfum 30ml

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Genderless Eau De Parfum by Neanderthal's mastermind Kentaro Yamada.

After the aromatic-spicy ‚Dark‘ and the metallic-woody ‚Light‘, 'Us' is the third olfactory Neanderthal creation from London. With this fragrance the artist once again poses existential questions about original creativity.
Notes of: Bergamot, orange, elemi, pepper, eucalyptus, rose, cardamom and smoky notes of vetiver, hyraceum, labandum et altri

Brand: Neandertal
Quantity: 30ml

eigensinnig wien: Neandertal from London

There is not much left of Kentaro Yamada goldsmith's roots, who is the fragrance designer behind Neanderthal: The artist's flacons look like small slate rocks, which we discovered in a hidden green courtyard in the middle of the Parisian Marais thanks to the advice of our befriended designer Daniel Andresen. Kentaro is interested in primordial creativity - the kind of creativity that was essential for survival in primeval times, "a kind of creativity we cannot escape", as he says.



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