Neandertal Dark Eau de Parfum 90ml

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Genderless, spicy and unique Eau De Parfum by Neandertal mastermind Kentaro Yamada: each rock-like bottle is unique to the artist.

'Dark' is an aromatic-spicy, intense fragrance for both men and women. It is a tribute to the existential primordial creativity in which the artist is particularly interested. To emphasize the stubbornness and otherness of the eau de parfum, Kentaro Yamada has created black rock flacons for it, all of which are unique pieces. The olfactory counterpart to 'Dark' is the metallic-woody 'Light' in a white rock bottle - and then there is 'Us', the third Neandertal fragrance, which conceptually combines the first two.

Notes: Green foliage, pepper, citrus, leather, amber, incense resin, oud.

Brand: Neandertal
Quantity: 90ml

eigensinnig wien presents: Neandertal from London

There's not much left of the goldsmith roots of Kentaro Yamada, the fragrance designer behind Neandertal, in his olfactory compositions: the artist's flacons, which we discovered thanks to a tip from our designer friend Daniel Andresen in a hidden green courtyard in the middle of the Marais in Paris, look like small slate rocks. Kentaro is interested in "primordial creativity" - the kind of creativity that was essential for survival in primeval times, "a kind of creativity we cannot escape," as he puts it.




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