eigensinnig wien Schumpeter High-collared men's alpaca winter coat in black

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High-collared men's winter coat made of warming alpaca hair and wool in black. A special creation for obstinate gentlemen who appreciate the extraordinary.

The extraordinary coat for fall and winter was assembled from individual pieces and looks as if it is in a state of constant change. Asymmetrical cuts and light grey decorative seams with uneven sweep characterize the unique piece made of virgin wool from alpaca - as Joseph Schumpeter already suspected in the 1920s, progress lives on dynamics and on movement. His idea of creative destruction drives us to new ventures, so this slim and elegantly cut coat with its unique outbreaks should be understood as a tribute to this thought of Schumpeter.

At the stand-up collar of the warming creation for cold days, asymmetrical corners and edges mark the special thinking behind the cut. Two surpassing walking slits at the back allow free movement in all directions. The close fit is also evident in the two-piece sleeves, which hug the gentleman's silhouette softly, yet present themselves as raw and mismatched thanks to open edges and a metallic zipper. Every detail of this offbeat piece reflects 1920s and 1930s elegance in destructive harmony with modern rawness:

Soft alpaca hair with cotton lining
makes the men's coat with comfortable stand-up collar and wide neck hole stand out in any wardrobe
Light grey decorative stitching
swings through the rough surface of soft wool with asymmetrical stitching. At the left chest, the most prominent decorative stitching is interrupted by an open chest pocket, only to start anew elsewhere
Two roomy side pockets
allow hands and straight-cut 2-seam sleeves to disappear into the warming fabric
The asymmetry in the collar end, in the decorative seams and in the walking slits stands for the modern and the new; the classic tailcoat finds a form never seen before in the coat made of alpaca hair
Three ochre-colored tabs at the sleeve slit and side seam attest to the obstinate inventiveness inherent in this unconventional piece for men.

Combine with the 'Spencer' gloves, the obstinate and warming 'Mesmer' socks and the 'Steed' hat to create a wintry ensemble for cold days.

Brand: eigensinnig wien
Material: 50% alpaca, 50% virgin wool | Inner lining: 100% cotton
Color: black

eigensinnig wien: special avant-garde fashion for men and women.

Under our avant-garde fashion label eigensinnig wien, we manufacture unique fashion pieces for obstinate characters. We design our collections in an experimental process, enriching them with thoughts and ideas from the fields of philosophy, art and literature or drawing inspiration from philosophy, art and literature. That is why our trousers and jackets, blouses and dresses bear the names of philosophers, literary figures and sociologists. We work with materials from nature, which we like to combine in asymmetrical, avant-garde cuts. Our aesthetic is based on the Japanese wabi-sabi concept: “Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry.”



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