eigensinnig wien Streeruwitz Exceptional women's trousers with wide leg and special belt in black

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Elegant and at the same time loose women's trousers with wide leg and extravagant belt. A tribute to the obstinate, subtle woman.

The extraordinary black women's pants were inspired by the Austrian writer Marlene Streeruwitz: politically engaged, feminist and with a deep sense of subtle poetry.

To her we have dedicated the trousers made of noble wool fabric, which comes in a striking combination of idiosyncrasy and detailed aesthetics. If you look closely, you will automatically ask yourself questions, because here nothing is as usual. The wide leg of the Marlene trousers - already elegant in the twenties and a courageous symbol of emancipated women - is here given a certain influence of the karate trousers. For comfort is a must in everyday life, despite expressive obstinacy.

The two side pockets, elegant variegated pleats and extravagant seams skillfully round off these obstinate, light and loose-flowing women's trousers without weighing them down. The noble buttons are made of horn. The special belt for tying is another special feature, it can even be removed and used elsewhere - for example as a tie for the androgynous style or unconventionally tied around the arm.

Women's trousers are suitable for a wide variety of fashion styles of the emancipated woman of today, who feels comfortable in business, but also casually in leisure. You can wear them casually on the hip with a simple shirt, but also quite neat with a blouse. Show the different facets of your character. The warming material of the finest, flowing quality is always comfortable to wear.

Combine the extravagant trousers with the warming pullover 'Tolstoi' made of sand-colored virgin wool and create a wintry ensemble.
For a special occasion, we recommend combining the women's gilet 'Heller' and the elegant blazer 'Christie', which are both made of the same material, creating an avant-garde three-piece for obstinate characters.

Brand: eigensinnig wien
Material: 69% wool 31% cotton
Color: black
Fit: Marlene trousers (Palazzo trousers)

eigensinnig wien: special avant-garde fashion for men and women.

Under our avant-garde fashion label eigensinnig wien, we manufacture unique fashion pieces for obstinate characters. We design our collections in an experimental process, enriching them with thoughts and ideas from the fields of philosophy, art and literature or drawing inspiration from philosophy, art and literature. That is why our trousers and jackets, blouses and dresses bear the names of philosophers, literary figures and sociologists. We work with materials from nature, which we like to combine in asymmetrical, avant-garde cuts. Our aesthetic is based on the Japanese wabi-sabi concept: “Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry.”




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