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Do you love unusual and high-quality avant-garde fashion in black? At eigensinnig wien you will find extraordinary clothing that is more than just fashion. Our collections bring out your own individuality in an aesthetic, high-quality and idiosyncratic way.

For us, clothing is always more than just clothing. It is a statement and expression, it can be a protest and reveal facets of personality. It is the link between the body and the world, between the skin and the wind.

Are you looking for something special that will subtly make your personality shine? Sustainable slow fashion for men and women that is unmistakable and designed in the in-house studio of an original Viennese fashion label and manufactured in the company's own tailor shop? Avant-garde fashion in black that has been thought about? The opposite of quickly produced, interchangeable off-the-rack goods? Then we welcome you to the world of eigensinnig wien.

Why we create avant-garde fashion

Since 2012, eigensinnig wien has stood for extraordinary luxury fashion that does something to the person who wears it. That gives expression to the stubbornness that sometimes lies dormant, making it visible and tangible in a magical way. That has always been our aim, that has always been our why, our core.

We make long-lasting and unusual clothing for stubborn people with high standards. For individualists who want to express themselves. For people who are aware of their uniqueness, their authenticity and want to show it to the world. But not in a loud and boastful way. Rather, with subtlety and finesse, with depth and sometimes with a wink. And always with aesthetic standards. Beauty is not an option, but a necessity. Beauty will save the world , as Dostoyevsky once said.

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Why our unusual clothing is more than just fashion

What sets us apart from other avant-garde fashion labels? We are addicted to thoughts and impulses from the world of philosophy, art and culture. The luxury fashion that we give shape to in an experimental process is inspired by great personalities, by travel to foreign cultures and by enriching encounters with others. Our handmade, unique trousers and jackets, dresses and blazers are called Didion or Freud, Streeruwitz or Thoreau for good reason.

Our extraordinary high fashion is the embodiment of a melange of thoughts. It is enriched with theory that is not dry at all, but one that resonates and gives you goosebumps. And rhythmic melody. The exclusive fashion from eigensinnig wien is the end of a process that often began with a single thought that connected with another. Our high-quality fashion takes time to take shape. And to connect with the person wearing it in an organic way. They are pieces of clothing that are strangely familiar as soon as you try them on. They feel like a part of yourself, but still bring with them the magic of the new and unknown.