eigensinnig wien x Mühlbauer Steed A symbiosis of porkpie and melon hat made of felt for men and women in black

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Obstinate hat creation for men and women made of hand-felted black wool, which harmoniously combines classic elements of porkpie and melon. A versatile model for autumn and winter, which can also be worn as an unconventional fishing hat.

The obstinate melange of porkpie with a narrow brim and melon hat with a round crown is reminiscent of John Steed, one of the main characters in the British TV series "The Avengers", who tirelessly protects the world from the diabolical plans of eccentric geniuses with his team of agents. The unconventional hat was created in our own atelier and handmade in the traditional Viennese manufactory of Mühlbauer Hats.

Like John Steed in the series, the hat model named after him can be perceived as a protector, because its warming material makes Steed especially suitable for the cold days of autumn and winter. At the crown of the hat there are special folds that form an asymmetrical look. Mysterious as some opponents of the special agent, the special designer piece presents itself to its wearer, because no classic front or back is recognizable. The versatile felt hat can also be worn with the brim turned down, just as you like, and therefore looks like a casual fisherman's hat.

Combined with the avant-garde women's jacket 'Camus' or the one for men named 'Roquentin' and the trousers 'Goethe' in black made from the same fabric, it creates a particularly unconventional and especially obstinate ensemble for special occasions in the cooler season.

Brand: eigensinnig wien x Mühlbauer
Color: black
Material: 100% wool


eigensinnig wien presents: Mühlbauer hats, extraordinary hats, beanies and caps from the traditional manufactory in the heart of Vienna

The traditional manufactory was founded in 1903 by Julianna Mühlbauer in the Viennese district of Floridsdorf and was then home to a hat workshop with an attached store. Almost 100 years later, the family business is already managed by Klaus Mühlbauer in the 4th generation.
In finest manual work the unique creations are first plated by the hat maker, then dried and finally decorated and finished in the fashion atelier. The company philosophy harmoniously combines old with new, tradition with innovation.
Klaus Mühlbauer designs idiosyncratic hat models that are worn by many famous artists such as Meryl Streep or Brad Pitt, but also by obstinate characters who are not in the limelight. Unconventional hats, casual fisherman's hats or special beanies made of high-quality materials such as fur, straw, felt or fabric decorate, in addition to the classic hats in different variations, obstinate heads of each sex.



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