Summer Collection 2023 Women's Avant-Garde Fashion

Discover exclusive and unique women's fashion at eigensinnig wien. From oversized fashion to extraordinary trouser suits. And many more.

Ranging from sporty elegance to androgynous styles for women. You will find small sizes and plus size for women. From fancy jackets and coats to shirts and pants.  Unique avant-garde fashion for women who want to emphasize their individuality and always seek the extraordinary.

Designer Fashion for Women Online for Spring and Summer

In the online shop of eigensinnig wien, you will find unique avant-garde women's clothing for spring and summer. Light and airy luxury fashion for women who seek the extraordinary. Discover extravagant pants and jackets, exceptional shirts and T-shirts, elegant blazers, Japanese-inspired coats and dresses.

Available in all sizes and oversize, along with matching accessories. From luxury scarves and clothes to stylish sunglasses and high-quality leather bags. Discover designer fashion for women online and at the fashion store in Vienna.

Exclusive Women's Fashion in Summer

Spring and summer at eigensinnig wien are particularly exclusive this year. The high-quality women's fashion is extremely noble and exquisite. Visit our online shop for women and discover designer clothing in summer that is unparalleled.

Designer pants for women for spring and summer

The light and airy summer pants for women from eigensinnig wien come in various styles. Discover women's harem pants, elegant women's pants, cool linen pants in black, elegant jog pants and cropped trousers.

Wide-cut pants are particularly pleasant to wear in spring and summer. Pleated pants give freedom to the leg. Pants with a low crotch, Japanese-inspired pants, black baggy pants are an exceptionally relaxed and elegant style.

Women's Designer Jackets for Spring and Summer

Discover the extravagant women's jackets for spring and summer from eigensinnig wien.

Linen jackets and linen blazers, long blazers and jackets, light summer jackets and summer blazers, overshirts, light and cool summer coats for women. For styles ranging from cool and sporty to elegant and special to extraordinary.

Extravagant Women's Fashion for Spring and Summer

The luxury label eigensinnig wien is known for particularly extravagant women's fashion.

Also, in the current spring-summer collection, things are extraordinary. This is ensured by, for example, extravagant women's sweaters, which can be combined with special summer pants.

High-quality women's shirts for spring and summer

Long shirts, shirts jackets, and other exceptional women's shirt. Part of the current spring-summer collection of the avant-garde luxury label eigensinnig wien. Come and visit us in the boutique or stroll through the online shop. Get inspiration for your summery, avant-garde luxury style.

Black Avant-Garde Women's Clothing for Spring and Summer

Without black, there would also be no eigensinnig wien. Most of our avant-garde fashion is presented in the darkest of all colors. Discover women's all black outfits for spring and summer.

Fancy and high-quality T-Shirts for Women for Spring and Summer

In the current spring-summer collection, you will find a select women's T-shirts from eigensinnig wien. Linen T-shirts and oversized T-shirts, in particular, are trendy for the summer outfit.

The designer clothes appeal to women of all ages for cool and elegant looks. This way, women over 40, 50, or 60 feel just as addressed as all other age groups.

Designer Dresses for Women for Spring and Summer

What would summer be without extraordinary dresses? Let yourself be inspired by the extraordinary dresses in the new spring-summer collection by eigensinnig wien. And find your personal favorite summer dress.

It could be a linen dress, a black dress, or something extravagant for special occasions.

Designer Hats for Women for Spring and Summer

Even in spring and summer, you should think about protecting your head from sun and heat. Have you seen our summery designer caps and beanies for women? In the current collection, you will find designer hats for large heads, caps for small heads. You can also find extraordinary hats from Reinhard Plank and Mühlbauer at eigensinnig wien.

Designer Women's Suits for Spring and Summer

This year, avant-garde pant suits for women are particularly trendy. Find high-quality women's summer suits in our fashion store. Sometimes elegant and noble, sometimes cool and fancy.

Plus-Size fashion for Women for Spring and Summer

At eigensinnig wien, there is designer fashion for all body sizes and shapes. Do you already know our plus size women's fashion? In the current spring-summer collection, we have quite a few inspirations for women's summer outfits for plus-size.

Oversize Clothes for Spring and Summer.

Oversize designer fashion is still trendy. Discover unusual fashion in the spring-summer collection by eigensinnig wien. From tunics to oversized knitted sweaters and long pullovers to oversized fine-knit women's sweaters. Oversized hoodies up to wide, black oversized T-shirts. For the particularly cool summer look. Not to forget are extraordinary women's summer pants in plus sizes.

Androgynous Fashion for Spring and Summer

Many avant-garde fashion garments at eigensinnig wien can be worn by all genders. Women who like androgynous fashion are in the right place with us. We have the matching summer outfits for the androgynous look