Men's Plus Size Fashion Avant-garde Designer Fashion from XL

Unconventional avant-garde designer fashion for men from sizes XL, XXL, 3XL and more. We also create made-to-measure oversized clothing according to your wishes. Handmade in our in-house tailor shop in Vienna. If your size is sold out, please contact us.

Exclusive Men's Clothing in Plus Sizes

Fashion for tall men doesn't have to be dull. On the contrary: With the right clothing, XXL men can make a stylish appearance.

At eigensinnig wien's online shop, there's a wide selection of elegant fashion for men in plus sizes. Whether it's classic suits or trendy casual clothing, at eigensinnig wien, you can find fashion for men with bellies in sizes XXL to 4XL.

Light and airy shirts are especially popular in the spring and summer seasons. These can be easily paired with Chino pants or casual jeans, making them perfect for the office routine or a relaxed day in the city. Also, loose long-fit T-shirts are a great choice for men with bellies.

Special Men's Jeans in Plus Sizes

A well-fitting pair of jeans is a must-have in every wardrobe - even for men with bellies. However, it can be difficult to find plus-size jeans that fit well and are comfortable at the same time.

At eigensinnig wien, there's a wide selection of special men's jeans in plus sizes. These are perfectly tailored to the needs of men with bellies.

The jeans are available in various cuts, including Straight Leg, Baggy, or Slim Fit. Some jean models are very unusual and have a low crotch.

When choosing the right jeans, the fit is particularly important. They should not be too tight, but also not too loose. A pair with a stretch component is particularly recommended here. It adapts to individual body shapes and ensures high wearing comfort.

Comfortable Designer Clothes for Men with Bellies

Comfortable fashion for men in plus sizes doesn't have to be inevitably dull. At eigensinnig wien's online shop, there's a wide selection of trendy and comfortable fashion for men in plus sizes. Whether it's casual sweaters, comfortable jog pants and baggy pants, or special jackets and coats, at eigensinnig wien, you'll find everything your heart desires.

When choosing materials, comfort should be considered. Cotton is a pleasant and breathable material, suitable for casual wear. For the office routine, shirts made of cotton or linen are a good choice. They're not only comfortable but also look elegant.

The Extravagant Men's Suit in Plus Size

A well-fitting suit is an essential piece of clothing for every man - even for men with bellies. However, it can be challenging to find a plus-size suit that fits perfectly and looks extravagant at the same time.

At eigensinnig wien, there's a wide selection of extravagant suits in plus sizes. These give every man that special something.

The extravagant suit is perfect for special occasions such as a wedding or a theater premiere. But it's also suitable for the office routine. At eigensinnig wien, there are various variants, distinguished by unique details, such as suits with striking seams or special buttons and pockets.

However, it's always essential when choosing a suit that it fits well and is comfortable to wear. It's often advisable to opt for custom tailoring. Besides the online shop, eigensinnig wien also offers a Concept Store in the heart of Vienna and a tailor shop where you can have your suit custom-made.

The Perfect Summer Suit for Men in Plus Size

Even in summer, you don't have to do without a suit. At eigensinnig wien, there's a wide selection of suits in light materials and airy cuts that are perfect for summer.

Especially popular are suits made of linen or cotton in black, which feel pleasant on the skin and have high breathability.

The men's suits are as versatile in design as the quirky men themselves. From classic-elegant men's jackets and slim trousers to extravagant blazers with special details and airy harem pants with a low crotch.

In the online shop of eigensinnig wien, you will find a select range of various summer suits for men in plus sizes.

High-quality Blazers and Jackets for Men in Plus Sizes

An elegant blazer is a must-have in every man's wardrobe. But what if you wear a plus size? At eigensinnig wien, there is also a wide selection of high-quality blazers for men in plus sizes, distinguished by good fit and high quality.

Elegant blazers for men in plus sizes are available in various designs and materials. Classic models in black or gray are perfect for the business look, while more unusual blazers with special details create an individual look.

The fit is particularly important with blazers in plus sizes, emphasizing the body optimally while still being comfortable. At eigensinnig wien, there are plus-size blazers specifically tailored to the needs of tall men and distinguished by high quality.

If you want a particularly exclusive blazer, you can also use eigensinnig wien's custom-tailored offers that allow individual clothing adjustment to your body measurements. This way, you get a blazer that not only fits perfectly but is also a unique piece.

Unique Men's Shirts in Plus Size

In addition to elegant suits and blazers, eigensinnig wien also offers a wide selection of unusual shirts for men in plus sizes.

Whether it's extravagant cuts, unique prints, or special details like eye-catching collars - these shirts are anything but ordinary. Even men with bellies can find something suitable in the online shop, and make a stylish statement.

The shirts can be combined in many ways, whether for leisure or for the office. This offers versatility and an individual look.