eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz
eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz
eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz
eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz
eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz
eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz
eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz
eigensinnig wien | Châtelet | Warme Bundfaltenhose aus Wolle für Damen in Schwarz

eigensinnig wien

Châtelet Warm Pleated Wool Trousers for Women in Black

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A designer wool trouser for women in the winter. Crafted from warming wool fabric, it is an elegant trouser with a slim leg.


In homage to Émilie du Châtelet, this sporty-elegant winter trouser for women in black presents itself. The French intellectual was a mathematician, physicist, philosopher, and translator of Newton's works, a woman of many talents.

Just like the designer wool trousers for women named after her, crafted in the in-house atelier of eigensinnig wien. It is the perfect companion in the winter. It warms and protects, knows how to defend against wind and cold, subtly standing out with its unique details. Pure understatement for discerning spirits who can hardly resist high-quality and well-thought-out designer fashion.

The Pleated Wool Trousers for Women

Two small and subtle pleats are located on the front of the women's winter trousers. This allowes you to wear them both in the office and in your leisure time. It is an elegant and timeless women's trouser that also has sporty and casual features, making it versatile.

The avant-garde trousers present themselves entirely in black, our favorite color. The material mix of wool and cotton is wonderfully soft, giving the exceptional trousers for women a warm and comfortable feeling.

With its straight cut and special details, the pleated trousers are ideal for a casual outfit. But they also go well for a business outfit. It possesses many talents, just like its namesake.

The Designer Wool Trousers for Women

As with all designer pieces from eigensinnig wien, some unusual details can be found in Châtelet as well. In addition to the two pleats on the front, there are diagonally running detail seams on the trousers. Combined with the wave-like cut at the waistband on the back, the warm women's trousers appear particularly unique. Almost flowing like a stream in the mountains.

The Warm Women's Trousers for Winter Made of High-quality Materials

The mix of cotton and wool is of a particularly high-quality yet delicate structure. It is a fabric that warms but is not too thick. It brings out the details better while remaining subtly in the background.

Like a discerning, obstinate observer who registers much more than one who is always in the spotlight.

Our luxurious avant-garde fashion for women and men offers a wide range of extraordinary designer trousers. From extravagant harem trousers to narrow chino trousers. Discover exclusive, unconventional trousers for women and men.

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The Business Outfit for Women in Winter

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The Three-Piece Pant Suit for Women in Winter

Combined with "Heller," a wool suit vest, you get an unusual three-piece trouser suit for women in winter. A timeless classic for the cold season.

Casual Winter Outfit for Women

With the asymmetrical, black women's short coat "Nietzsche" made of wool, Châtelet becomes a casual winter outfit for women.

The Unconventional All-Black Outfit

Wear the pleated trousers with the black "Thoreau" shirt jacket made of the same material for your all-black outfit. This combination gives your black outfit a touch of casual elegance.

Whether for an elegant outfit for a business look or for an unconventional all-black look. Discover our designer clothing for men and women in our online shop here.

Are you looking for suitable accessories? Then click here to complete your outfit with our exclusive, handcrafted accessories for men and women. This way, you can skillfully showcase your look from head to toe.

The Black Pleated Wool Trousers in Plus Sizes - A Statement for Individual Elegance Far from the Norm

The black pleated wool trousers not only represent the latest fashion trends. It is also a testament to our inclusive design philosophy at eigensinnig wien. We believe that fashion expression should not know any size restrictions. Therefore, we offer the Châtelet in a wide range of sizes up to 2XL.

This allows everyone to showcase themselves in our exclusive design, regardless of body stature.

If your desired size is not available or you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. With our in-house tailoring, we can specifically address your individual needs.


You can find our exceptional women's fashion in plus sizes here.

We also offer exclusive luxury fashion for men in large sizes.

How to Properly Care for the Black, Warm Pleated Trousers

Thanks to the material composition of virgin wool and cotton, Châtelet is both durable and relatively easy to care for. It is recommended to air the trousers regularly. And to carefully remove any stains with a damp cloth.

If a more intensive cleaning is necessary, it is best to take Châtelet to a professional cleaner. Due to the fine materials, machine washing is not recommended.

Visit us in our fashion store in Vienna if you need further tips for care. We are happy to assist you.


Brand: eigensinnig wien

Color: Black

Material: 69% Wool / 31% Cotton

Trouser-Style: Warm Pleated Wool Trousers

The model is 178 cm tall, weighs 52 kilograms and wears size Small.

eigensinnig wien: Extraordinary avant-garde designer fashion label for men and women from Vienna.

eigensinnig wien stands for extraordinary avant-garde fashion for women and men. Our focus is on the creation of unusual fashion that brings out the character of the individual. We combine unconventional designs with perfect craftsmanship in the tradition of tailoring.

All designs are created in our own studio above the showroom in Vienna and handmade in a small manufactory in Slovenia. The partly extravagant fashion for men and women is sometimes elegant, sometimes sporty, sometimes with a narrow silhouette, sometimes with wide styles. And much more.

We also produce unusual fashion for plus sizes and large sizes for men and women. Because we believe that avant-garde clothing should not only be reserved for normal sizes. In our in-house tailor shop, we specialize in tailor-made clothing according to your wishes for everyday wear or special occasions such as weddings, special events and much more.

Welcome to the world of eigensinnig wien.

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In our in-house tailor shop we make your custom size for you. From a different material or in a different color? Do you need something unique for weddings, official appearances or other special occasions? We create and tailor to measure. Just contact us.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland: 1-2 days
EU and Europe: 1-2 days
Asia, Australia and North America: 2-4 days
In Vienna additionally: 3 hours with the bicycle messenger

If you do not like the product or it does not fit, you can return it and get a refund. Free returns from Germany, Switzerland and Austria


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