Faliero Sarti | Enrica | Quadratischer, schwarzer Schal aus Seide-Kaschmir mit Fransen
Faliero Sarti | Enrica | Quadratischer, schwarzer Schal aus Seide-Kaschmir mit Fransen
Faliero Sarti | Enrica | Quadratischer, schwarzer Schal aus Seide-Kaschmir mit Fransen
Faliero Sarti | Enrica | Quadratischer, schwarzer Schal aus Seide-Kaschmir mit Fransen
Faliero Sarti | Enrica | Quadratischer, schwarzer Schal aus Seide-Kaschmir mit Fransen
Faliero Sarti | Enrica | Quadratischer, schwarzer Schal aus Seide-Kaschmir mit Fransen
Faliero Sarti | Enrica | Quadratischer, schwarzer Schal aus Seide-Kaschmir mit Fransen

Faliero Sarti

Enrica Squared Cashmere-Silk scarf in black

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Pure cashmere and silk fabric, coupled with delicate fringes, create a unique sense of lightness. 

This black silk scarf for men and women can be worn in 1001 ways, mirroring the versatility of the traditional oriental Pashmina scarf.

A Flight through 1001 Nights with Faliero Sarti

The Italian fashion house Faliero Sarti creates timeless designs from the finest natural materials such as cashmere and silk. This is how the fringed Enrica designer scarf for men and women, a chunky black square scarf for men, gives chunky fabric the lightness of a silk thread in a still room. The ceaseless movement of the wrinkle-free women's scarf turns the cool autumn breeze into a fashion accessory, a fall scarf.

A Warm Scarf from the Rarest Treasures of the Cosmos

The lighter the fabric of a Pashmina, the more aesthetically the designer scarf drapes around the head, neck, and body. It's hard to find more noble materials for the finely woven Faliero Sarti scarf. Both cashmere and silk are special natural materials that exist exclusively under our sun.

Gold, silver, and even diamond couldn't outweigh the true value of the cashmere scarf material. The soft black cashmere scarf for men and women lightly dusts the skin, visually, and comes without any color accents.

The cashmere and silk scarf warms the soul and body as a winter scarf for women or men. The sacred goats of the Himalayas provide cold-resistant and tear-resistant wool for the almost floating Pashmina scarf. On the skin, the silk component of the women's and men's scarf lets the fabric flow softly.

The Reinvention of the Pashmina Scarf

The inspiring women's and men's scarf for the cold season can be combined in 1001 ways. From loop scarves to Pashmina scarves for men and women. Or as an elegant scarf for your evening dress. The unique-minded reinvent themselves daily with the black cashmere scarf as an accessory.

• Rolled into a tube scarf for women and men, the thin Pashmina scarf becomes an instant chunky scarf for women. The loose fringes on the women's loop scarf lend more severity to the face. But they can also underline the playfulness of the women's scarf.

• The black, elegant scarf for women can also serve as a warm stole for an evening dress. Or be worn festively as a shoulder wrap. Put on a transitional jacket on your way home and throw the ends over your shoulders. Thus, a women's stole with one motion becomes a warming loop scarf.

• As a triangular scarf for women and men, the Pashmina is almost universally fitting. The Pashmina scarf can be worn as a triangular scarf like a winter scarf for women and men.

• In the hot season, the fine silk scarf fabric lets air and movements pass through. As if the cloth wasn't there. Biting sunrays are still kept at bay, which cools the head and body. Worn in only one layer, the silky men's scarf for winter is also an enrichment in summer.

• Where could the fringes of a cashmere scarf stand out more than in the driving wind at sea or on the road? Despite its luxurious workmanship, the loop scarf for women or men does not lose its function.

• Laid out as a triangular scarf for women, the black of the warm scarf can also be combined in transitional times. A jumpsuit or romper in contrast color can be staged even more attractively with the black scarf.

At Home Everywhere – the Cashmere and Silk Scarf with Potential to Become a Favorite Piece

The Faliero Sarti creation with oriental character can be worn as a warm scarf with any wardrobe. As an accessory and a stole shoulder scarf, the black scarf for women stands out with dark maxi dresses.

The men's and women's scarf for winter combines rough and natural elements with silky gloss. Between summery silk scarves for women and designer scarves for men in winter. The fabric covers every conceivable style with elegance.

Wear Enrica together with our slim cotton chino trousers "Kierkegaard" in black for your business outfit. Or alternatively with "Goethe" for a casual look.


Brand: Faliero Sarti

Color: Black

Material: 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk

Scarf-Style: Squared scarf with fringes

Faliero Sarti at eigensinnig wien. High-quality, Italian designer scarves and shawls in our showroom and online shop

Faliero Sarti has gained renown for creating high-quality scarves with innovative designs for both men and women. The company has its base in Tuscany, the heart of Italy, since its foundation in 1949. The fabric factory located there creates the masterful pieces from the finest natural materials.

Just like with us in eigensinnig wien, each of our products is a narrative in itself. A testament to craftsmanship and passionate devotion. Our creations reflect these elements in their design and manufacture.

Whether you are looking for an elegant, long scarf for men in winter. Or a fine silk scarf for women. A warm wool scarf in black, or a high-quality pashmina shawl. Faliero Sarti offers shawls and scarves for men and women that excel in quality and sustainability.

From an oversized scarf to a fancy scarf like a women's stole, all the way to a cozy scarf for winter. Wear Faliero Sarti scarves anywhere and anytime as an expression of your sense of elegant comfort and unparalleled luxury.

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