Neandertal | Dark | Genderloses Eau de Parfum 30ml
Neandertal | Dark | Genderloses Eau de Parfum 30ml
Neandertal | Dark | Genderloses Eau de Parfum 30ml


Dark Eau de Parfum 30ml

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Genderless, spicy and unique Eau De Parfum by Neanderthal mastermind Kentaro Yamada: each rock-like flacon is uniquely made by the artist.

,Dark' is an aromatic-spicy, intense fragrance for men and women alike. It is a tribute to the existential primordial creativity in which the artist is particularly interested. To underline the ,Eigensinnigkeit' and otherness of the eau de parfum, Kentaro Yamada has created glass flacons for it, which are all unique pieces. The olfactory counterpart to 'Dark' is the metallic-woody Light in the white rock flacon - and there is also Us, the third Neanderthal fragrance, which conceptually combines the first two.

Notes: Green leaves, pepper, citrus, leather, amber, incense resin, oud

Brand: Neandertal
Quantity: 30ml

eigensinnig wien: Neandertal from London

There is not much left of Kentaro Yamada goldsmith's roots, who is the fragrance designer behind Neanderthal: The artist's flacons look like small slate rocks, which we discovered in a hidden green courtyard in the middle of the Parisian Marais thanks to the advice of our befriended designer Daniel Andresen. Kentaro is interested in primordial creativity - the kind of creativity that was essential for survival in primeval times, "a kind of creativity we cannot escape", as he says.

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