Premium T-Shirts for Men Distinctive Designer Tees

Exceptional designer T-Shirts for men, crafted from linen, cotton, and silk. Ranging from the classic black tee to the most extravagant T-Shirts.

A unique designer shirt from eigensinnig wien serves as a versatile companion for every men. Depending on the occasion, you can opt between classic, distinctive, and lavish tops.

We produce our T-Shirts exclusively from the finest materials, such as Belgian linen and premium cotton, delivering top-tier men's T-Shirts to you.

Explore a wide variety of unique men's t-shirts suitable for the office, leisure, and everyday wear.

eigensinnig wien | Behn | Leichtes T-Shirt aus feiner Baumwolle in schwarz eigensinnig wien | Behn | Leichtes T-Shirt aus feiner Baumwolle in schwarz
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eigensinnig wien | Ricœur | Herren T-Shirt mit Schlitz aus weicher Baumwolle in schwarz eigensinnig wien | Ricœur | Herren T-Shirt mit Schlitz aus weicher Baumwolle in schwarz
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Hannibal | Adrian | Leichtes Herren T-Shirt aus feiner Baumwolle in grau Hannibal | Adrian | Leichtes Herren T-Shirt aus feiner Baumwolle in grau
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Men's Oversized T-Shirt

The oversized trend remains a staple in the fashion industry, offering both comfort and sophistication in one. Our men's oversized tops, crafted from premium materials, ensure a relaxed fit perfect for a casual yet stylish demeanor.

Men's White T-Shirt

A white top stands as an ageless icon, indispensable in every man's wardrobe. Our men's white tees, spun from superior cotton, promise an impeccable fit. They are the quintessential piece for any occasion.

Cool T-Shirts for Men

Our avant-garde designer tees for men are a visual delight and a must-have for those who wish to stand out. These pieces boast unique details like asymmetrical stitching, adding that special touch to your ensemble.

Premium T-Shirts for Men

Our top-tier creations are woven from natural materials, exuding unparalleled quality. They are enduring, comfortable, and are bound to become a cherished addition to your collection.

Designer T-Shirts for Men

Our men's designer tees present an exclusive array of unique designs, curated in our atelier located just above our Concept Store in Neubau, Vienna. These pieces are a requisite for the avant-garde fashion aficionado who desires a signature look.

Men's Black T-Shirt

Black tops have always been timeless classics, adaptable for various occasions. Our men's black shirts, spun from fine cotton and Belgian linen, assure a flawless fit.

Summer T-Shirts for Men

Our men's summer tops, fashioned from airy, breathable fabrics, provide a comfortable fit. Perfect for balmy summer days, they add a stylish flair to your seasonal wardrobe.

Men's Cotton T-Shirt

Our cotton tees for men offer a soft, comfortable embrace, crafted from the finest cotton. Ideal for daily wear, they're destined to become one of your favorite picks.

Slim Fit T-Shirts for Men

Our men's slim fit shirts showcase a tailored silhouette that accentuates your frame. Crafted from high-grade materials, they exude an elegant yet contemporary look.

Luxury T-Shirts for Men

For the discerning gentleman who values exceptional quality and singular design, Eigensinnig Wien presents a selection of luxury shirts for men. Woven from premium Belgian linen and fine cotton, these pieces are apt for both formal and casual settings, delivering supreme comfort and panache.

Extra Long T-Shirts for Men

For those in search of a comfy top that offers ample coverage without compromising on style, our extra-long tees for men are the go-to choice. Available in diverse designs, you're sure to find the perfect tee that resonates with your taste.

Distinctive T-Shirts

Our standout men's tees cater to those who wish to articulate their unique persona and distinct style. In our online store and our chic boutique nestled in the heart of Vienna, you can explore a curated collection of remarkable tops for spring and summer.

Men's Crewneck T-Shirts

A perennial classic in men's fashion, versatile for every wardrobe. Eigensinnig Wien presents a curated selection of specialized crewneck tops. Whether for day-to-day activities or formal events, our crewneck tees for men are a superb choice for those who prioritize comfort yet desire a refined appearance.

In our online store and Concept Store, you will find an expansive selection of men's designer fashion, conceived in our in-house atelier.

Every piece is crafted with utmost diligence in a family-run European manufactory, ensuring that your favored shirt is of the highest caliber.

If a model is out of stock or if you have specific preferences regarding material, color, or design, we are pleased to offer custom-made unique pieces tailored to your liking in our private tailoring studio.