Ebony An avant-garde fashion fairy tale

Black as ebony - this is not only Snow White'shair, but also the avant-garde fashion of our latest autumn-winter collection and at the same time part of our anniversary collection: eigensinnig turns 10!

The extraordinary fashion for women and men is made of deep black wool, reminiscent of dark ebony, which is rare and unique. Like our avant-garde fashion.

Just as the dark ebony is often interspersed with light veins, the black fabric is also punctuated by light grey seams. They take the severity out of the slightly roughened material and allow a light-hearted play. Highs and lows alternate and are reminiscent of tree barks that have stored centuries of history; a subtle allusion to the history of eigensinnig wien.

Some creations like the extravagant jumpsuit 'Mallarmé' or the asymmetrical women's jacket 'Nietzsche' were named after great thinkers. Other garments like the unconventional hoodie cardigan 'Durst' were inspired by a musician from the nu metal scene.

A contradiction? Not really, because as contradictory as the special jackets and coats as well as the unconventional trousers with a slim fit or casual with a low crotch initially seem, they are similar at the core: warm, soft models that comfortably warm on cold autumn and winter days and combine the desire for extravagance and a sense of cosiness.