“Black Spring”

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Black Spring Frühlingsfest 2024





Parallel to the weather, we celebrated the spring awakening at eigensinnig wien.


Impressions of our Black Spring Festival 2024 on May 7th.


The entire team looked forward to the first spring festival at eigensinnig wien with excitement. The weather promised to be just as changeable as our avant-garde fashion. While preparations were in full swing, our gaze oscillated between the sky and the weather app on our smartphone.

Although the sun made itself scarce and hid behind a continuous, titanium gray cloud cover, the dreaded precipitation stayed away. So instead of standing in the rain, we were able to set the stage for an evening full of stimulating conversations and exciting fashion.







Despite the dubious lighting conditions, it would be going too far to describe the slowly trickling guests as shady characters. The motto “Against the Peach Fuzz” was - almost! - universally taken to heart. Toni took the opportunity to greet each guest personally.


After the “Ulrich” team made sure that the glasses were filled and the first rolls were tasted, Alex took it upon himself to take the first visitors behind the scenes and show them our studio, where all our idiosyncratic creations see the light of day.



The first stop allowed our guests to slip into the role of a fashion designer. In our “darkroom” - a rogue who thinks evil - you could give free rein to your creativity. Imaginative creations were created under black light with highlighters, which we could perhaps use as a source of inspiration for future collections.


The darkroom at the eigensinnig wien Black Spring festival 2024



The next stop was our in-house tailoring department, where Tatiana is a master of her trade. While receiving numerous compliments for her masterful realization of Toni's visions, she demonstrated live the steps that go into creating a prototype and answered questions from the knowledgeable audience.


Live-Tailoring at the eigensinnig wien Black Spring festival 2024



The look behind the scenes ended in the fabric storage, where everyone could see for themselves the high quality of the fabrics we use. Knowledgeable eyes were even able to discover one or two new prototypes that we may surprise you with in future collections. 



Thank you for the look behind the scenes, into the 'engine room' of eigensinnig wien!




No guided tour was required to explore our showroom, which the guests did extensively. Many took the opportunity to upgrade their wardrobe and add some distinctive creations to it. The expert store team led by Alex, Fred and Gundula were on hand with help and advice.


Black Spring festival at eigensinnig wien



As the physical well-being was well taken care of, extravagant fashion and interesting conversations invited us to linger. In the best eigensinnig tradition, we only closed our doors shortly after 10 PM and look back with pride on a glittering spring festival that met all fashion, culinary and social expectations.



Black Spring festival at eigensinnig wien







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Daniel Tellian has been writing for eigensinnig wien since 2024. The journalist brings experience from the fields of journalism, German studies and media observation and thinks fashion off the beaten track.